Time for US Citizens to inform....

By enquirewithin · Jul 4, 2005 · ·
  1. enquirewithin
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    By Bud Landry
    Jun 2, 2005, 09:43

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    </TD></TR></T></TABLE>HR 1528 is now pending in Congress. It has passed one committee and is apparently sailing through another one. This was a keystone law used by Stalinist Russia to control it's people and it appears to be sailing through our republican congress.

    If this law is passed it will force you to inform on your family, friends, or neighbors if you have any knowedge of their involvement in any kind of drug activity that is connected in any way to persons under the age of majority.

    If you see a joint being passed to a college student, you MUST immediately inform the police.

    If your child has a substance abuse problem and begs someone else to acquire drugs, you cannot deal with this as a family matter, or in a drug treatment setting. You MUST inform on the both of them or risk a fine and jail time.

    If your sister, who has kids, mentions that she bought some pot to share with her husband, you MUST inform on your sister or risk a fine and jail time.

    If you do not inform you can be sentenced to prison for between 2 and 10 years.

    Sec. 425. [a] It shall be unlawful for any person who witnesses or learns of a violation of sections 416[2], 417, 418, 419 420, 424, or 426 to fail to report the offense to law enforcement officials within 24 hours of witnessing or learning of the violation and thereafter provide full assistance in the investigation, apprehension, and prosecution of the erson violating paragraph [a].

    A short version of SEC.2 [2] If you, a parent, discovers that your child manufactures, distributes, stores or uses any controlled substance andand you do not report it you shall be fined not more than 8,000,000 and imprisoned not less than ten years or more than life.

    Is this the reason the American people follow the republicans and the democrat parties so blindly, so we can have a POLICE STATE IN AMERICA?

    How many of you have read of HR 1528 in the government press? How many of you believe the government press will tell you this?


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  1. Zandorf

    if that gets passed (i'm sure it will) i could easily see swim ending
    up in prison over it. all it takes is one kid to mention that swim was
    around when they were using after they get caught and he'd be off to
    prison too.
  2. Pinkavvy
    swim's tribe is certainly ready to move .... maybe the netherlands. how difficult is it to obtain citizenship and do they offer sanctuary from the u.s.?
  3. Pinkavvy
    so, has the u.s. decided to just ignore the constitution completely????

    first they step on the 10th amendment by declaring that federal law trumps state medical marijuana laws.

    and now they're trying to destroy the first amendment by banning my right to burn the american flag to express my disagreement with u.s. policies.

    and now they're taking away people's 5th amendment rights by forcing them to incriminate themselves and their families?

    fuck bush and fuck the current federal administration.

    I guess when everybody else read Orwel's book 1984 and saw it as a wonderful political warning and/or theological mediphore; the bush family read 1984 and decided to use it as a blueprint for the construction of homeland security and a way to run the nation.

    fuck the republican agenda.
  4. sg43
    Are you kidding me...thats just a tad bit extreme!![​IMG] I realy hope this never gets passed.
    Edited by: sg43
  5. unico_walker
    Will it really change anything? Nobody will actually report it, I know
    I wouldn't. You can make it a death penality issue and I still wouldn't.

    ITs just another way for the prosecution to pressure people into testifying and everyone knows it.
  6. glogga

    They'll use it against somebody, whenever its convenient to get someone to cooperate. And cooperating just doesn't mean testifying, it means carrying a wire and basically acting as an undercover agent for them, i.e. doing thier job risking your life so they don't have to risk theirs.
  7. Diphenhydramine
    Hmmm, I dunno about this act. Definitely bogus, but how do they
    enforce it? I mean, a time limit? I think this act
    (depending on copper/judge) will either be abused or ignored.
    Besides, I think this will only empower someone who would report you to
    the police anyway. If few people know about this act, than how
    many people will truly enact upon it?

    Although it might be kinda funny (in a horrific sort of way) to see
    drug-user bounty hunters, kind of like the paprazzi but instead
    stalking known substance abusers.

    Glad I've decided to move to the Netherlands perminently once I get my
    shit together. (You like my new avatar? I changed it for
    getting to 100 posts, it's a painting I did).

    Edited by: Diphenhydramine
  8. sands of time
    That is some scary shit.
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