Tip-offs help police catch drug dealers

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  1. honourableone
    Tip-offs from the public have helped police arrest hundreds of drug dealers, officers say.

    Leicestershire police tracked down 480 dealers or traffickers between April 2008 and March this year – one of the highest totals in recent years.

    Senior officers said the success was partly due to members of the public passing on information about drug crime in their neighbourhoods.

    Superintendent Steve Boulton, who oversees the force's action on drug crime, urged the public to keep the information coming.

    Supt Boulton said: "Increased information has enabled us to do more enforcement operations to target drug dealers and suppliers.

    "This information comes from officers on the beat, intelligence from other forces, ongoing investigations and also calls from members of the public suspicious about people or houses in their area.

    "It is important the public have confidence to report these matters in the knowledge that we are taking action against the criminals who cause so much harm and risk to our neighbourhoods."

    A mum whose son battled addiction to heroin for almost a decade welcomed news that more dealers were being caught.

    The 41-year-old, who lives in the Beaumont Leys area of the city, said: "My son was 16 when he first got into heroin and we're still picking up the pieces 10 years on.

    "As far as I'm concerned, every drug dealer should go to prison because what they do ruins people's lives, particularly young people.

    "One of my son's friends almost died because of some heroin a dealer sold to him.

    "Every time the police arrest one of these people they also take some of this poison out of circulation."

    Intelligence gathered by the force's specialist drugs teams and beat officers also led to many of the arrests.

    Sgt Wayne Nimblette, of Leicester's Keyham Lane police station's neighbourhood action team, said: "We have to corroborate information from a member of the public, but it can fill a gap in our intelligence."

    Police urged people with information about drug dealing to ring the Crimestoppers hotline.

    Earlier this year, Leicestershire Crimestoppers revealed that calls to the hotline had helped police arrest 325 people for drugs offences ranging from possession of cannabis to dealing heroin and crack cocaine.

    Zuffar Haq, Leicestershire Crimestoppers vice-chairman, said: "Although rewards are available for information, very few people ask for them.

    "They talk to Crimestoppers out of public spirit and because they won't tolerate drugs in their communities."

    The Crimestoppers hotline, which is anonymous, is on 0800 555 111.

    By the Leicester Mercury, August 3rd 2009
    Original source: http://www.thisisleicestershire.co....g-dealers/article-1217543-detail/article.html

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  1. g666d
    Have heard second hand that 9/10 (useless statistic, but oh well) of people caught doing something illegal will give cops information that helps further their enquiries into various matters.

    Cop told this in friendship to a person who told me. It pretty much confirmed what i knew anyway, but i never guessed would have been as high as 90%
  2. dividedskye
    Yeah, they're called snitches and they get lower sentences for ratting, but also get rattled up in jail
  3. g666d
    nah, not even 'snitches' (although, i suppose, they are)
    just average offenders, cop will be friend to them, just talking... and listening.
    no such thing as trust, as i constantly have to tell myself...
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