Tips and tricks for a psychonauts gathering of data

  1. highlikeplanes
    The minds capable of so much
    Basically its like..
    Whatever you perceive in your mind and whatever you perceive as REAL
    Will manifest into your actual reality
    Therefore the term "life is what you make it" is extremely literal
    Theres so many layers of realities and the thought of accessing them is exciting
    I find it highly beneficial to end the questioning of what is real what is not, what is right what is wrong
    Once you just 'take it as it is', clarity and humbleness is experienced. Acceptance ia key. And once acceptance is achieved, one can go even further .

    Whats even more exciting is the thought of being able to manifest anything into reality - as easy as a simple thought - being able to create anything beyond your wildest dreams

    You could be talking to someone whos reality consists of giant purple elephants and not even know it.

    Hmm. It seems as though one thought leads to another and i could go on for ages about all my ideas and epiphanies
    I mean im probably the last to know and am the big but of the joke. I dont care. Me jotting this all down is a form of therapeutic means.
    Not sure if anyone could benefit from this at this point

    UGHHH I FEEL SO SICK. my thoughts consume me . I can barely even sip on my water. Nausea that feels like i havent eaten in a week and even though eating something would aleviate so much of the agony.. the thought of anything in my mouth thats currently as dry as the sarah desert, makes me even more sick.

    My nerves are so bad that even the drop of a pin would make me go through the roof

    Notable Importances...

    Balance is key. Balancing all aspects of life is essential.. family, drugs, other responsabilities etc
    Imbalance leads to turmoil

    Not every source of information is valuable or even accurate. I find many to be flawed or missing crutial information. Deciding on legitemacy is based on intuition
    But youll begin to see a pattern in which sources you are drawn to and which contain analytical data rather than superficial text lacking back up to these claims
    Dont be surprised though if youre reading a seemingly important 80 page article and when you finally finish it, there is no intellect or insight gathered whatsoever. Obsessing over gathering information from every single source you come across does happen.
    After reading for a few minutes, do you have a good understanding of the text ? Is the meaning pretty clear to you ? If youre reading for more than average without it actually 'clicking' then chances are, it serves no purpose to you.
    I think of it as gathering data to create an encyclopedia. Therefore i dont delete any files that may have been downloaded.
    Dont forget about art especially that came from the earlier 19 centuries. I found these times in history to display the most significance and meaning.
    Be aware of imitations that depict negativity. If something really speaks to you although there seems to be a negative aspect to it, it may be an imposter and another version that serves the intended purpose is around there somewhere.
    Confidence is key when it comes to the information you wish to gather and collect. Go with the flow of your natural thought process and things should go smoothly. The moment you start second guessing is when problems arise but of course the occasional second guessing is normal and shouldnt be dwelled upon.

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