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  1. Panthers007
    I found this nugget in today's (29.04.08) news feed from my ISP. Seems only one person had voted in the poll so far. I wonder who...

    Should medical marijuana use be legal?
    1 (100.0%) 100%
    0 (0.0%) 0%
    I'm not sure:
    0 (0.0%) 0%
    Total: 1


  1. fnord
    Sweet!! anyone here own a newspaper?
    Lets do what the government would do if this poll was in there favor,Todays headline: "100% of the american public is for legalizing medicinal marijuana"
  2. Panthers007
    The Parade Magazine, a nationally syndicated current events magazine that comes with many Sunday(large edition) newspapers in the Untied Snakes, conducted a nationwide survey some years back on 'Should Marijuana Be Legalized.' A month later they published the results. They were around 7,450 - YES. 2 - NO.

    I rarely dance on Sunday for fear of someone thinking I'm a religious nut. I danced that Sunday though.
  3. ♣ Tekken ♥
    any poll or petition online is pretty meaningless. Stoners surf the net all the time, and many are interested in legalization enough to find drug reform sites and vote in online polls, but in the real world only a tiny minority take action, write to their politicians and protest, which DOES has the power to change things.

    not dissin the thread just saying, you could have 10 million online votes for legalizing weed and it would make no difference. All it might do is give some ammo to the people ACTUALLY trying to make a difference
  4. Panthers007
    Parade Magazine is not an online entity. It is an actual magazine that is enclosed in (paper) newspapers. The other one above is an online item. Never did bother to see what the final tally was. I tend to agree that online polls are a waste of pixels.
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