Toddler eats LSD-laced candy

By RealGanjaMan · Jun 30, 2006 · ·
  1. RealGanjaMan
    Toddler eats LSD-laced candy


    A Central Texas 3-year-old was drugged after eating candy laced with LSD. Police are investigating who's responsible for giving the little boy the dangerous hallucinogen. Twenty-two-year-old Ashli Rene Freas has been charged with endangering a child.

    She has since bonded out of the Williamson County Jail.

    On Sunday night, Freas took her son to a gathering in Northwest Austin. Freas told KXAN NBC Austin on the phone, it was the house of an acquaintance. After she stepped outside, a person living at the house told her that her son had eaten nine SweeTarts that had been laced with LSD. Freas left the apartment and drove home to Cedar Park. That friend called 911.

    When police arrived, they found the son screaming and reaching out in front of him as if to grab something, but there was nothing in front of him to grab.

    He would get quiet and then scream again, reaching out for things that weren't there.

    "I think it really points to the danger of somebody having drugs around. That's why many, many of our cases, nearly half the cases, in Central Texas that we see deal, in some capacity, with drug or alcohol addiction," Chris Van Deusen with Child Protective Services said.

    However, the person who had drugs around in this case wasn't the mom as far as we know. When we spoke with Freas on the phone, she said she didn't know the exact address of the party, but did give police directions to the apartment.

    While that investigation continues, Freas waits to see if she'll get her son back.

    The boy is recovering at Brackenridge Hospital. Child Protective Services has temporary custody of the boy.


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    Jesus... NINE Doses of LSD! Hes only THREE Years Old!

    *Sigh* More bad publicity for LSD :rolleyes:


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  1. Jatelka
  2. Cure20
  3. KorSare
    Yeah.... you said it, Cure20.....

    But the "dangerous hallucinogen" the article refers to is in regards to the parent's stupidity and irresponsibility, right?

    Has any human ever overdosed orally on LSD? :p

    Poor kid though. Jesus.
  4. katukulysm
    that kid will probably be fucked up for long time. you can just imagin what he went threw on that trip.......
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