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Tom Cruise to sue manufacturers of medical marijuana named after him

  1. lexifer

    Haha. I almost fell over laughing when I read this article.


  1. beentheredonethatagain
    hallucinations from pot? sign NIK up!!!!
  2. Matt The Funk
    SWIM hasn't seen this yet but has heard of it lol...great name. Tom Cruise is a tool.
  3. Orchid_Suspiria
    HA HA this is great!Tom Cruise is one of the most sickening people alive,everything thats wrong with modern pop culture just like Paris Hilton or Britney.Anything that gets him in an uproar is great.
  4. AquafinaOrbit
    Couldn't agree more. Personally I wish Movie Stars would stick to acting and not try to get involved in other crap.
  5. truth
    tom cruise is a bitch
  6. chinpokomaster
    If they medicinalise crack then they should name a form of that after him.
  7. allyourbase
    scientology is a moronic cult, tom cruise the ultimate halfwit, enjoy some visual humor poking fun at this absurd philosophy.
  8. Tick
    he needs to fade into obscurity. he has obviously been faking it in terms of his public appearences as of late, and his movies have dropped a notch or two as well. not to mention that sickening glow his skin has now *shudder*
  9. kareena
  10. Alfa
    Who is claiming that this newspaper is a reliable source for anything?
  11. Panthers007
    Not most people, Alf. In the American cities there are usually two main papers. One that is rather decent, such as the New York Times. The other resembling something that belongs in the check-out line at supermarkets - the Daily News.

    For a real laugh, check out the Washington (DC) Post vs. the Washington Times (owned by the Unification Church).
  12. allyourbase

    sun-myung moon has recently made some news by having dead presidents and religious leaders endorse him as a living messiah. also he, niel bush and bush 41 have been travelling the world trying to make even more money for the psychotic moon's "non-profits". it should also, I think, be pointed out that his newspaper started the lie that Barack Obama is a muslim, and his outlets, near as I can tell, are the only outlets giving fellow right wing nazi republicrat hillary clinton any positive press.

    I should point out that by nazi, Im reffering to her policies of corperate protectionism over individual right, not implying any racial bias.
  13. oggy
  14. Solinari
  15. chinpokomaster
    Tom Cruise is a weed. lulz.
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