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Tommorrow starts my week tolerance break from Kratom here's my plan...

  1. Tryptomaniac
    Okay so since I'm starting to run low on Kratom supply and I could always use a tolerance break cuz why not! It's good for me! I'm going to order a good amount of Kratom tommorrow so I will be prepared when I come back but I'm going to try and keep it low on the drugs this week if I can get in the habit of taking breaks then I will have more money saved a larger stash of drugs! And it will just all together be a better time when I come back to them. Sound like a good plan??! I think 1 week a month off of MOST drugs is well needed and will allow my body to self heal and lower my tolerance I think I can do it as I'm not as dependent as I used to be especially on alcohol so I think I got this wish me luck!


  1. Tryptomaniac
    Well this didn't work
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