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Tonne of cocaine buried at Costa Rica beach

  1. Terrapinzflyer
    COSTA Rican police following an anonymous tip-off dug up a tonne of cocaine buried in the sand.

    The stash of drugs stuffed into plastic bags was found yesterday on a remote stretch of beach near the town of Parrita, west of the capital San Jose, Deputy Minister of Security Celso Gamboa said.

    "This drug seizure was not part of an ongoing investigation, so we need to determine the origin and likely destination" of the cocaine, said Francisco Segura, director of the Judicial Investigation Organization.

    The discovery came a day after Costa Rican authorities seized another 360 kilograms of cocaine that was being transported in a truck full of scrap metal near the border with Nicaragua.

    US officials say hundreds of tonnes of cocaine arrive each year in the United States from Central America, a major transit route from South America, where cocaine is produced.

    January 08, 2012


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