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  1. Guttz
    Spanish authorities seized close to 1 tonne of cocaine in a raid in which three Argentinians, two of them pilots, were arrested, media from both countries reported Thursday.

    The arrests took place Sunday at Barcelona's El Prat airport. Two pilots for the private-plane company Medical Jet were arrested when they landed carrying "more than 900 kilogrammes of cocaine of great purity," the Argentine daily Clarin said in its online edition, dpa reported.

    The identity of the third suspect arrested remained unknown.

    According to Clarin, one of the pilots arrested is the son of retired brigadier general Jose Julia, commander of the Argentine Air Force from 1989-93.

    The plane, a Challenge 04 model used to fly medical transfers, had arrived in Barcelona from the Atlantic archipelago of Cape Verde.

    07.01.2011 04:02


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