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Too soon to declare victory on heroin (UK)

  1. Spucky
    Too soon to declare victory on heroin

    On the face of it, the sharp decline reported yesterday in the availability of heroin in the UK is a thoroughly positive development. If the street price rises proportionately, as crude market mechanics suggests that it should, then the number of people becoming addicted should fall and the number seeking help for an existing dependency should rise.

    Even at their most elementary, the figures compiled by the Serious Organised Crime Agency (Soca) testify to impressive progress in combating this scourge.

    Before everyone congratulates each other and hails a battle half-won, however, it is important to look more closely at what these figures may and may not mean. Of course, it is a good thing if, as Soca claims, it has made strides in apprehending traffickers and interrupting the heroin trade. But any statistics on illegal activity are hard to verify. Black markets of any kind are notoriously hard to track. Soca also has a clear interest in blowing its own trumpet. At this time of cuts, it wants the Government and the taxpayer to know that it has been doing its job.

    There is no harm in that and, if success stories work to deter the criminals, so much the better.

    But Soca itself has conceded that other factors also seem to be at work here. One is last year's flooding in Pakistan. Another is a decline – or the anticipation of a decline – in the poppy crop in Afghanistan as a result of blight; criminals calculate futures, too. But both of these will probably depress the trade only temporarily. The effect of closer co-operation with Turkish law enforcement may also wear off as traffickers seek out other routes.

    Even in the unlikely event that the current heroin "shortage" were to prove longer-lasting, though, law enforcement has its limits. There are an estimated 300,000 heroin users in Britain. Higher prices, while discouraging use, could precipitate an upsurge in criminality, while those now taking diluted doses will be at risk if purer heroin returns. As a number of projects have shown, there are those for whom a safe and hygienic supply on the NHS is the optimum solution. Yesterday's figures should not be used to justify a refocus on criminalisation at the expense of other solutions that work.

    Source: http://www.independent.co.uk/opinio...oon-to-declare-victory-on-heroin-2200217.html

    My answer ;):
    Heroin shortage in UK is ‘putting lives at risk’

    • Afghan poppy harvest blighted by fungus
    • Dealers adulterating supply to maintain profits
    Hospitals are treating a growing number of drug users who have overdosed on heroin mixed with other substances by dealers because of a huge shortage of the opiate across the UK.
    One of the most severe heroin ‘droughts’ for five years has been reported in areas across the UK, including, London, Lancashire, Surrey, and Stockton-on-Tees.

    The shortage has been linked not to seizures of the drug by law enforcement agencies but to a fungus that has blighted this year’s poppy crop in Afghanistan, reducing it by half.

    Users are overdosing on either adulterated heroin, or, in some cases, what has been found to be a combination of a powerful sedative, caffeine and paracetamol. Some have become unconscious very soon after injecting or smoking it, while others have reported vomiting, flu-like symptoms and amnesia, drug agencies say.

    One of the most recent reports of overdoses and hospital admissions came last week from Hastings, where four users overdosed even though they had only taken a small amount of what they thought was heroin. Toxicologist Dr John Ramsey, head of the Tictac Communications drugs database at St George’s medical school, London, said he had had about 50 recent requests to analyse adulterated heroin.

    While sedatives of the type turning up in recent batches used to be found only in the occasional sample of heroin, there appeared to be much more of it around now, he said.

    Gary Sutton, head of drugs at the charity Release, said: „There is a very significant heroin shortage across the UK at the moment. It has been going on for some time now, but the last two months have seen stockpiles exhausted.“

    He expressed concern that what was being sold as heroin at the moment appeared to be adulterated with a powerful sedative and mixed with a high percentage of bulking agents like talcum powder or paracetamol.
    „If people use this intravenously, perhaps on top of alcohol and methadone [the prescribed substitute drug for heroin], it is extremely risky. We have had many reports of people overdosing. It’s really important that accident and emergency departments understand that they may not be dealing with a ‘normal’ heroin overdose when people are brought in,“ he said.

    „When the drought ends, prices will rise. Heroin tolerance will be reduced, so the risk of fatal overdose will be much higher.“
    Such is the alarm about the current situation that several drugs agencies committed to harm reduction held an urgent meeting last week to discuss setting up an online warning system about contaminated street drugs.
    Neil Hunt, director of research at KCA, a nationwide community drug treatment service, said: „This ‘heroin drought’ appears to be serious and geographically widespread. Street heroin is in a complete and utter muddle at the moment, and users are collapsing unexpectedly. We need to standardise information about what’s out there.“

    Among heroin users commenting in online forums about the drought, one long-term user said: „I’ve never known anything like it in 30 years.“

    source: http://www.guardian.co.uk/society/2010/nov/21/heroin-shortage-uk-overdose-users


  1. dyingtomorrow
    I wonder if they have some kind of multi-national "reverse thinktank" of mongoloids, who come up with the headlines for drug news around the world. I also can't believe these people are so unbelievably, outrageously asinine - that anyone, anywhere in the world, would even have a single neuron firing in affirmation, that this piddly little temporary situation is even in the same universe as some kind of endgame "victory on heroin."

    It's hard to say who is more disgusting as a human being, the sick fucks in the government who barely escape the definition of hypocrite by being so sub-100-IQ stupid that they can scarcely be regarded as having more human characteristics than animal; the evil motherfuckers who actually realize what they are doing, but don't care because they are either so self-doped on dopamine and endorphines through their psycho-fanatic mental state that they walk around higher than a heroin addict when they are sober, either that or they don't give a fuck because they already have or can easily get better opiates than heroin from their doc, with the bill flipped by the state to boot; or finally, the fucking retard average citizen, who basically has a handful of Lincoln Logs sitting in front of them, but is too stupid to turn the 10 simple pieces into the log cabin which it obviously makes - i.e. can't even take a single fucking fact or justification which they hold in support of the War on Drugs, and go 3-braincells a'ways down the path to its inevitable conclusion - all of which show what a dismal, self-destructive failure it is, by every possible measure you can evaluate it under. Or, like the government person, they already got their fentanyl and hydromorphone and morphine and oxycodone prescriptions in the bag and everyone else can fuck off.
  2. Spucky
    AW: Too soon to declare victory on heroin (UK)

    I want to post the Article from yesterday:

    Fewer Addicts test positive amid "Heroin drought"

    The number of addicts testing positive for heroin halved in the past three months, Europe's biggest drug testing company said today. :confused: (Wow, thats a lot)

    Concateno said just 21% of drug addicts tested positive for heroin in the first three weeks of the year, compared with an average of 45% between January 2009 and October last year.

    But the firm said a "heroin drought" meant suppliers were diluting the drug with other substances and warned that addicts would face an increased risk of overdose if heroin purity returned to higher levels in the future.

    The lack of pure heroin "can be attributed to a number of issues including a fungus that has blighted this year's poppy crop in Afghanistan, and greater law enforcement", Concateno said.
    Peter Akrill, the firm's head of oral fluids analytical services, said: "This drop in positivity rates corroborates the belief among substance misuse professionals that the UK is currently experiencing a widespread 'heroin drought'.

    "Our figures indicate a disturbing trend - with the true drug in short supply, users move to more adulterated forms.

    "This situation creates a worrying cycle: a shortage in drug availability at street level can mean it is more likely to be cut with higher proportions of other substances as bulking agents.

    "This reduces the active component of the opiate, and a regular user therefore has to ingest a greater quantity of the drug to achieve the same 'hit'.

    "From experience, we know that when heroin then becomes available, there is a real and likely chance of increased overdoses and fatalities."

    source: http://www.independent.co.uk/news/u...est-positive-amid-heroin-drought-2199352.html
  3. mickey_bee
    Interesting the way all the newspapers have jumped on the story now all of a sudden, given that it's been just the same since mid October 2010....

    The Guardian did however run an article way back in November (IIRC) basically stating what the other papers are stating now.

    However, they underlined the key issues as being the 48% reduction in poppy crop, and thus opium, and thus heroin, in Afghanistan at the time of it's last harvest, shortly before the drought hit, and the instability in Pakistan caused by the flooding, as Pakistan is a key route for heroin to the UK. In the UK heroin trade direct Pakistani links are a very common feature.

    Despite the amazing coincidence between there all of a sudden being literally half the heroin available than at the last harvest, and the huge floods in Pakistan, SOCA still somehow manage to convince themselves that this shortage is due to them, - despite the fact that they've been doing exactly the same old crap since they were formed, with absolutely no effect.

    The really interesting thing will be to see how the situation is in say, a years' time. Provided the next harvest returns to normal levels, i.e. is not affected by blight.

    This drought has been going on for nearly 4 months now - and has been far far worse than any 'droughts' in the past - when invariably you could always get something good off someone, it's just you had to shop around a little, and never lasted more than a matter of weeks.

    Yet despite the severity (many people have simply been unable to obtain anything containing enough heroin to have any noticeable effect) and the duration of this drought, there are still, at least in swim's locality, just as many junkies on the hunt for it as before. Some have gone massively downhill due to the drought and have begun drinking very heavily, along with taking more methadone and as many downers as they can get their hands on, some have simply started committing alot more crimes so they can buy alot more extremely weak heroin, or at least try spending money on loads of different sources. The the rest of the more 'moderate' junkies, have just upped their script doses a bit, again started drinking more and taking more downers, yet still, despite the odds, attempt to score, albeit not daily, but normally a few times a week..

    The appetite is still so clearly there, and in the meantime, people are just building up addictions to downers and alcohol aswell. And remember, this is almost 4 months into this drought - but people are as hungry as they were during the first week.

    As soon as decent pre drought quality gear comes back en masse, even if the prices are higher, everyone will jump back on it. Except this time the gear will likely be of a lower purity than pre-drought, and at a higher price - causing both more harm to the user, and more harm to society in the form of increased crime to pay for increased prices.
    Given that the majority of minor thefts and house burglaries pre-drought were directly attributable to addicts seeking money for their drugs, if the prices raise anymore, the crime rate will too.

    And of course, the habits picked up during the drought, (people turning to crime or prostitution for money who hadn't before, people turning to drink and downers who hadn't before), will not discontinue these practices and addictions, they'll simply get lumped onto the cart with all the rest of the shit.

    Any reduction in supply of illicit drugs, particularly the addictive drugs like heroin, is negative and costly for both society as a whole, and the addicts - who's likelihood of re-entering society as a productive citizen is greatly reduced.

    These seizures and droughts are only positive if they are both 100% - i.e. there is absolutely no heroin in the country, and if they remain 100% forever. Two things which I think any sane person would say are simply impossible.
    If those 2 criteria can't be met, then the results of 'droughts' are simply increased costs both to individuals and society - the complete antithesis of what they are supposedly trying to achieve.

    Why can't policy makers see this? Why don't politicians and political parties have bollocks??? arrrrgggghghhhh!
  4. Spucky
    AW: Too soon to declare victory on heroin (UK)

    @MB, we have to understand (but not accept) that the Apparatus don't care
    the Thousands of People who are suffering,
    we saw it already once (and now again in Russia),
    a whole Generation of Drug User sacrificed through/via Ingnorance
    and killed by the HIV.

    The Death of the next Generation is just a small part of their Eugenic Master-Plan! &(

    @ Topic
    i done a lot of Research and do not get a 100% conclusion!

    Maybe they (The Drug Complex) don't want to get anymore the worthless printed Papers
    from the US and the Euro Countrys ;)
  5. mickey_bee
    I dunno if I agree with your eugenics-master-plan theory spucky, don't get me wrong, I know politicians are far from squeaky-clean, and of course have their own agendas which are then repackaged into nice little parcels that the greatest possible proportion of the population will swallow.

    As far as I'm concerned it's simply all about parties wanting to cling on to both power, and their allies - in the UK's case, seemingly America more than Europe.

    For example, despite numerous evidence pointing to the failings of the 40 year war on drugs, and the successes of diamorphine prescription for addicts (for example), the government won't ever enlist it as policy, until a) the majority of the public support it and b) it won't seriously damage relations with the UK's allies.

    A 'Eugenics masterplan' is, as far as I'm concerned, simply looking into this way too much, - failing to see the forest for the trees. Politicians simply don't have the balls to attempt to implement things like this which simply would require alot of hard work on their part. Despite the fact it would be the best current option, make the UK a much safer country, save lives, save the tax-payer money, and similarly save billions of pounds for the budget deficit.

    In fact, it's the single biggest thing the government could do to reduce the budget deficit, without actualy cutting services, but rather increasing them.

    But they don't have the balls...
    And people wonder why the public have become so apathetic to voting!
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