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  1. Struggling In SoCal
    I told on myself....took a risk and told a good friend what I am going through, although she doesn't really get it, she is most supportive. I actually feel a little weight lifted and also feel like I have someone in my corner.

    This is Day 2 on 5 mg of methadone, my back and legs are aching-I really wanted to get loaded, it was a good thing I was spending time with a straight friend and enjoying time in our beautiful city. Now I am at home alone and my mind has started to race again, finding that reading others' blogs and researching methods to detox quiets my head. Stay in the solution! This is the only reasonable thought I can pull out of my head.

    Tomorrow, what will I do...? I will go to church, spend time with my son and maybe go to the office to stay busy. Oh, I will need to remember to take my B-vitamins, for some reason I believe these B vitamin shots have helped in my detox. According to some of the reading I have done, the B vitamins are good for mental clarity, depression, anxiety, PMS and increases energy. okay, sounds good. I have also been taking Imodium AD as many people on this site have recommended it, at night I am taking 800 mg of Ibuprofen.

    I took a risk, have a plan for tomorrow, didn't use dope today and have DF for support-today was a good day.


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