Took my last tab 20 minutes ago!

By hookedonhelping · Mar 4, 2013 · ·
  1. hookedonhelping
    Life is a bit of a cruel joke.. I know snowboarding is fun and when I got into it I was heavily influenced by friends who are really good at it. Had I known I would end up consuming some 10,000 Lortabs after the fact I probably would have passed.. They don't print that detailed of a warning on the lift ticket.

    So what's next for me? How crazy will I get as my brain deals with the lower back and neck pain that I caused myself when I decided to get tricky nearly 10 years ago on one of the most beautiful winter night's at Holliday Valley in the Southern Tier of Western New York. With fresh snow falling on the slopes that only my homey Scrap Dog and myself were gracing; I hit a jump that I wasn't ready for as I broke the rules and went off course.

    When you break the rules, Karma ensues. Next think I know I was airborne. On my way up aspiring for mad air as I began leaving the stability of earth my board hit a rock that was covered in snow and BAM my board kicked out in front of me and I fell 10 feet down from the air directly on my tail bone which ultimately led to a degenerated disk in my L2.

    I recall laying there on the ground of the off course path we decided to freestyle on, waiting and waiting, as my friend rushed down to the bottom of the mountain to get the medics to come find me. I was taken off the slopes on a toboggan.

    So since that day, I have for years been popping Lortabs (10/500) 4-6x a day on a nearly constant basis.

    Thats around 100g of hydrocodone and 5KG of tylenol given a low balled estimate.

    Tonight, when I was down to my last two pills, I took one of them and washed it down with the saliva in my throat. I then looked at the last pill and said to myself, "Ya know what (sexy beast) your going to save that pill and have it preserved in a nice glass ampule. Your then going to have a necklace designed so you can wear it proudly to remind you of the power you have over a drug you have taken way to much of over the course of your life. It will be symbolic of your mental strength.

    4 hours later I took that last pill without thinking twice and certainly without thinking about my inflated ego of an idea to preserve it as a keepsake.

    THAT is the power of addiction people.

    If I start to lose my cool around here over the next two week's, understand; I may be a little on edge. I have a bit of kratom to help with the withdrawal symptoms. I made sure to have just enough on hand so that I am not going to end up trading one addiction for another.

    This plan of attack, coupled with an inversion table that does wonders for pain relief, may be my key to success in this compartment of my life. A guy's liver can only take so much. I have blood work results that I will be in receipt of in two weeks that I am nervous to receive. They will indicate how well my body is filtering out toxins. After this much use, I have every reason to be nervous.

    Fingers crossed, but I think I got this, once and for all! :thumbsup:

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  1. SpatialReason
    Get out those chemical boxing gloves... Kicking stuff is never fun. My best advice is to find distractions. Of you have one free second to think about "it," you will be in for a fight.
  2. plus44racer182
    Good luck and prayers brother, hope that you dont go to insane!:p We will be here to vent to because the majority have been driven to the brink of insanity when kicking a habit lol.

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