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  1. Cure20
    WASHINGTON - Guatemala's top anti-drug investigators have been arrested on charges they conspired to import and distribute cocaine in the United States after being lured to America for what they thought was training on fighting drug traffickers.

    A three-count indictment issued Wednesday by a federal grand jury in Washington names Adan Castillo, chief of Guatemala's special anti-drug police force, who has lamented the slow pace of progress in combating cocaine smugglers in Guatemala. Also indicted were Jorge Aguilar Garcia, Castillo's deputy, and Rubilio Orlando Palacios, another police official. They were arrested Tuesday after arriving in the United States for drug enforcement Administration training on stopping drug trafficking in ports.


  1. enquirewithin
    More US hypocrisy....
  2. Alfa
    This is what the system is built of. I do not believe these to be incidents, but I think it is a vital part of the economy and government.
  3. Nagognog2
    We've known since the Viet~Nam War about the CIA bringing in hard drugs to bankroll covert ops around the world. I loved it back in the 1980's when one of their drug planes crashed in Nicaragua. The Reagan regime quickly spun the story into proof it was Cuba running drugs - not the lilly-white US of A.

    The Nica government handed the USA back the American pilot. But confiscated the load of cocaine bound for Miami.Edited by: nagognog2
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