Tories want new drug rehab approach

By Rightnow289 · Jul 21, 2009 · ·
  1. Rightnow289
    The Conservatives have called for an "abstinence-based" approach to drug rehabilitation, after uncovering figures showing that fewer than 4% of addicts undergoing treatment become drug-free each year.

    Figures released by the Department of Health showed that of 193,600 people receiving drug treatment in 2007/08, more than two-thirds - 133,024 - remained in treatment at the end of the year.
    Just 7,324 (3.8%) of those treated were discharged drug-free, while 17,306 (8.9%) completed their course without being classified clean of drugs, 19.591 (10.1%) dropped out, 4,240 (2.2%) went to prison and 784 (0.4%) died, according to monitoring by the National Treatment Agency for Substance Misuse.
    Conservative home affairs spokesman James Brokenshire, who obtained the figures in answer to a parliamentary question, said: "These stark figures highlight just how much Labour has failed to break the cycle of addiction.
    "Only a small fraction of users ever get drug-free and there has been a worrying increase in those dying before they complete their treatment. The Government's approach has simply consigned people to a life on drugs than aspiring to help them to live a life drug-free.
    "Exchanging a methadone prescription for the pharmacist with a fix from the drug dealer isn't a sustainable solution.
    "Much greater focus needs to be put on getting users drug-free through abstinence-based rehabilitation rather than drug-dependent courtesy of the state. Labour's drug policies are now part of the problem, not the solution."

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  1. chrisdahl
    It sounds great in theory but no mention of how their effectively gonna go about getting users clean.
  2. Sven99
    Now, what exactly is abstinence based treatment. Because in my head it goes something like this:

    Drug user:"I want to get off the drugs. Please can you help?'

    Doctor: 'just stop taking drugs. There's nothing else I can do for you.'

    Can you even call that treatment? Its not rocket science that when you don't follow harm reduction principles, you increase the harms caused. More perverse moral posturing from the tories.
  3. nibble
    That's exactly what this sounds like. They've cleverly disguised a zero-tolerance style policy with the moniker of "abstinence-based rehabilitation".
  4. missparkles
    A lot of users don't get clean after completing treatment programmes, but it plants that grain of awareness in a lot of people.
    Swim went through treatment and got clean, she relapsed a few times, but it was the relapse prevention, harm reduction and the knowledge that it was possible to stop, and stay stopped, that eventually got her clean.
    Swim believes that once a person has got even a tiny bit of awareness that they have a problem, it screws up their using forever.
    It's never the same.
    Perhaps the government agencies responsible should ask people who are now clean if they have ever undergone treatment? Might be a better indicator?
    Relapse is just part of quitting as far as swim is concerned, a learning process.:)
  5. SullyGuy
    Harper you bland son of a...

    I used to be kinda proud to be a Canadian, but with all this nonsense (bill C-15 and this are the big ones) I am no longer so sure...
  6. Subvert
    Couldn't that be quite dangerous?

    I've heard opiate withdrawl can kill and seen people with delerium tremens who needed benzo's for the shakes etc.
    SWIM favours uppers and psychedelics so has no personal experience of detox but imagines It quite hellish without medication.
  7. nibble
    Opioid withdrawal is never fatal but it can certainly be hellish.
    Benzodiazepine, alcohol or barbiturate withdrawal on the other hand can kill in severe cases.
  8. scripted
    I hope we don,t get the Tories way or i can say bye bye to my script!
    I get maintenance script of methadone-its free(until i have to pay for prescriptions)-its clean,not like the gear i used to score-i can,t inject,so no temptation!
    I,ve had this script for at least 4 years and doing good :D

    Or i could have gone in had 12 weeks,failed miserably and ended up dead,in jail,or just back for another round...oh hang on thats exactly what i used to do (except for the dead bit,and only because i was found),and luckily avoided jail but not so for others i know..
    Abstinence works for some but nor for all.CHOICE is what works

    Tories want to save money not people!
  9. missparkles
    Swim has thought back to her days in treatment and as far as she can remember detox is done in detox centers not rehab. All the rehabs she was in (3) were abstinence based. Use and you're out.
    But she was aware that women had extra pressure put on them if they had kids (they were put on the at risk register till the mum cleaned up) whereas men who had kids were not even asked about this. So not as many women were prepared to accept treatment.
    And there were also people in rehab who really didn't want to be there. They had the choice of prison or rehab. At the time rehab sounded like the easy option but after a couple of weeks most said they'd made the wrong choice.
    Unless rehab is made more accessible for women with kids, without the threat that their kids could be taken into care (they're under enough pressure without that) and only people that choose to quit (not coerced to quit) accept places the figures are always going to be wrong.
    Swim is aware that this was 15 yrs ago, but she has checked the rehabs she went to (all allowed kids to stay with their parents) but now there's no mention of kids. So swim has to assume the practise has been stopped.
  10. Spucky
    AW: Tories want new drug rehab approach

    I can understand it,
    because why the Taxpayer have to pay for a Program that do not work?

    Don`t misunderstand me, i am not conform with that but i can understand it!

    All this Money we pay here is Money that will be miss for real social work!
    (Room for Discussion :))

    My Opinion is giving the People Heroin or anything else they want
    until this whole Generation dies.
    In the Time between created a Country where no part of the Society is in need to use something like Drugs!
    (i know that is a illusion but a nice one)

    I am really surprised to see how much Money they/ we paid inside of the EU.
    for the Treatment of Addiction.
    Why not pay it for a :"Real Education": instead of not working programs?
  11. Synesthesiac
    This is bollocks. Apart from the data released its just another ploy by the tories to score some cheap points in the relentless soap opera media war that is British polotics. I reckon the Tories would be much stricter than labour have been in-fact, and we're likely to be seeing goodbye to the legality of quite a few legal highs, they'll be a series of Tories announcing 'crackdowns' on drug users .. and they'll invade the Isle of Wight.
  12. Mammon
    I've been saying this for ages: if the Tories get in the U.K. is going straight to Hell. To watch Brown shamble from one disaster to the next is depressing, but in a few years people will realise how much worse it can get.

    A drug user who votes conservative is a drug user who needs to lay off for a bit - you're losing your marbles.
  13. missparkles
    Ok...what have the Labour Party done for drug users (or anyone for that matter) in the UK? Why would it be worse under the Tory Party? Examples would be good.
  14. Rightnow289
    Oh it will be. Conservatives do not have users in mind. Labour doesn't but they are at least sympathetic. Drug abuse and addiction mainly happens to the working class and the tories couldn't give a flying fuck about the working class.
  15. missparkles
    I think that used to be the case but I don't see the Labour party standing for the working class any more. Did they re-instate the unions that the Tory Party got rid of?
    Specifically, did the Labour party in swims constituency (the Labour party have held this seat for decades) get the fishermen's jobs back, or even fight for a better pay off for them?
    I don't see either party as standing for anyone but themselves. Personal greed and power are all most politicians are interested in now. They don't care about Joe Public.
    If you don't, or won't see that, then they've done their job well,regardless of what party they stand for. It's the fighting about which party is the better that keeps everyone occupied and takes away from the fact they all suck.
    It's only when people realise this that real change can happen.
  16. Routemaster Flash
    They've pumped vast, and I mean vast, amounts of money into the NHS and state schools, for one thing. Whether that extra money is being put to the best possible use is another question, but it can't be ignored.

    Introduced a minimum wage.

    Introduced a power-sharing agreement in NI and got the major paramilitary groups to lay down arms.

    Created regional assemblies and (to some degree) redistributed power from Westminster.

    Created a new Mayoral office for London.

    Signed up to the Kyoto Protocol (and imposed more stringent CO2 emission targets than almost any other major economy, AFAIK).

    Repealed Section 28.

    And whether this is directly due to government policy or not, overall crime levels have fallen significantly since the mid-'90s (not that you'd know it from reading the mainstream press).

    Not that any of these things undo the various shitstorms Labour has inflicted on the country (or on other countries!) or have passively allowed to happen - but all the same, it's trite to suggest things would be exactly the same now after 12 years of Tory rule.
  17. missparkles
    I didn't think my response was stale...I thought it was quite refreshing actually.;)
    I never said it would be different at all. In fact I said I thought it made no difference who was in power. The fact that everyone feels the need to disagree about which party is the best takes away from the fact that they all suck and need a major overhaul.
    The Conservative party, whilst having the interests of big business at heart, are less concerned now with this than with personal power. The Labour party far from being the common mans champion has gone exactly the same way.
    Until people see this and say enough is enough to both, it will continue.
  18. dyingtomorrow
    Sorry to hear it UK people. I cringe every time I read stories like this.

    By the way, SWIM is sitting here in suboxone nightmareland, and has to say that picture puts a huge smile on his face, and a huge, sad, yearning in his heart.
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