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Toronto Man Looks For Weed On Twitter And Police Respond With “Awesome!”

  1. Rob Cypher
    Sunith Baheerathan shared with the world on Tuesday that he “needed a spliff or two” at his job in Canada and the local police department replied back [via twitter] “Awesome! Can we come too?”
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    The York Regional Police department replied to Sunith Baheerathan’s tweet:

    After the police department shared Baheerathan’s tweet he sent the following tweets captured by Canadian Press on Storify:

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    Mr. Lube even took to Twitter to reply back to the York Regional Police department:

    Baheerathan confirmed he was “terminated” from Mr. Lube in Toronto and joked he will be “on Jimmy Kimmel soon.” He later deleted his Twitter account.

    Michael Rusch
    BuzzFeed Staff
    August 15, 2013



  1. TheFakeBass
    Bleh. Law enforcers flexing their muscles and intimidating and harassing drug users. Telling his employer like any civilian can do is one thing; cracking a joke at him directly crosses a much farther line. Harassing and intimidating people isn't any better if it's casual and on Twitter--it's worse. They can come at you anywhere instantly out of fucking nowhere, they still have the power to find you (in the real world) and abuse you with force, and people will fucking laugh and find it endearing just because these abusive jerks are doing it on a website where sarcasm is the norm.

    Police need to respect people and only use social media networks to make announcements and receive feedback (not fucking stroll the digital equivalent of neighborhoods looking for people to scare), or police need to stay the fuck off social media!
  2. trdofbeingtrd
    I am sooo torn. On one hand I understand MR. Fake Bass's post. I agree that he is right about what police officers use twitter/facebook ect... for official and professional business.

    However, this guy (just joking yeah right) regardless if joking or not has to be either extremely ignorant or just plain stupid to put anything about drugs, while on the job, at the place he works, and the whole time not thinking that just maybe there are police officers on *****list.

    Seriously, while I agree that the police crossed a line, this guy is just not doing that good upstairs.
  3. TheFakeBass
    That's victim-blaming. He didn't expect the consequences, so he's fair game for the police to abuse and for everyone to laugh at? That's the same abusive logic that the police are doing. "Don't do the crime if you can't do the time" means nothing when they set the crime and they set the time.

    Sure, this man violated his employer's drug policy, but aren't all such drug policies the product of a drugphobic society whose mistreatment (including humiliation like this) is the reason drug users are struggling so much to survive and thrive? Think about that, and think about this website's mission. Think about harm reduction.
  4. TheFakeBass
    Also, there are plenty of mentally, cognitively, and emotionally disabled people on this website, including me, and you're personally harming me and others by deeming people worthy of harassment and humiliation for "not doing that good upstairs". You think disabled people deserve unemployment and poverty?

    And what is the meaning of misgendering me and calling me "MR." in all caps? You better not be trans bashing me.
  5. jewitch
    lets all try to remember that here in canada, you can not go 3 blocks without seeing a hydroponic's store, a smoke shop or a distributor of weed. in victoria bc there are at least 40 store fronts where you can buy weed without any proof of illness! (you sign a waver)
    i am under exemption to grow and use, and one morning i woke up to my ex putting out 10,000 quarter page size flyers saying 'good bud's, try it before you buy it! 25$ an 1/8th'. then gave directions and my address! there was an officer outside my house! he said 'we have been waiting for someone to open shop, we are here to protect you', even though i told him it was a sick joke! meant to have me robbed or put in prison! the police did not care either way....
    so i can understand how any canadian would think weed is no longer on the police radar, as it is everywhere! we should change the maple leaf on our flag to a pot leaf!
  6. idfma
    While I agree that no one should be harassed by the police, and this is a good case in point, this gentleman displayed some poor judgement. More from the employment angle than anything else. He had to know that his employer prohibits using on the job. One should never tweet or put on any other social media their intent to use drugs at work.

    I did not find it funny, though. It makes me sad. I'm sad for him because he now has to find another job, and this incident is going to make it that much harder. I am in no position to decide what he deserves, but I think he should have thought this one through a little more carefully.
  7. PurpleBlunts
    Guy was stupid for his post in the first place. He got what he deserved. Lucky he wasn't arrested, but then again I'm in the US, so I'm a little more skeptical.
  8. TheFakeBass
    All the ableist victim-blaming in this thread is really triggering to me. I was just the other day neglected and mocked by hospital staff following a drug overdose, and I can see people on this website are more interested in having people to dehumanize and laugh at than they are in harm reduction when it involves changing their own bullying behavior. I guess this thread is as good a place as any to announce I'm leaving D-F for another month or two... or maybe I just don't give a shit whether it's the wrong place. Think about your own role in the system, people. Would you be laughing at your own kind when they're targeted if you weren't scared for yourself and trying to distance yourselves from them?

    EDIT: Actually, I'll give you all one more chance. I see how much I mean to you, but I'll give it another chance anyway. I want harm reduction to succeed and I won't let even an epidemic of ableism and victim blaming turn me away this easily.
  9. Alien Sex Fiend
    last year in toronto some 14 yo started faking on twitter a coming shoot-out between fake gang members in a northend bad hood and cops actually responded and the kids got some explaining to do to their parents! dude if you are not doing that good upstairs, you should not be getting yourself in ANY illegal stuff pot included... amd if you are not that good upstairs because of your drug use its time to hit rehab hard before you really fuck up and end up in jail. its hard truth
  10. al-k-mist
    fake bass, well, you know you are right. and so do i, so fiuck it.
    as jewitch said, its much different out here than where many live.
    certain websites that people list anything they have for sale, with most every major city listed on their site, well, people can legally sell 1 1/2 lb of extra medicine to other patients in need of the weed. or 18 small plants and 6 giant plants. its not illegal.
    BUT dude made a mistake by posting about using at work, i agree. a mistake. and weve all made them
    fake bass is right, yall have lots of growing up to do, the stuff you think is okay to say.
    not that good upstairs.....i am a bit crazy from 15 years in prison for drugs. so drugs made me not right upstairs, huh? LMAO
    100% legal and nobody should ever be penalized for drug use since it is all based on lies anyways(illegality, starting with weed and opium..
  11. trdofbeingtrd
    Just from the mistake of me thinking I was talking to, you also get that I am somehow defending how the officers reacted on the social website. This obviously is a huge bias in how you read and understand what I tped. Please re-read, I never once defended the police in using a social website to boast. In fact, I was giving a compliment, it just got lost in translation because of how sensitive you are in this subject.

    I am one of the last people to insult or play down mentally ill people or even just those with mental issues such as myself.
  12. TheFakeBass
    You said this guy was stupid (an ableist slur), not right in the head... and yet you also say he should have known better. As if mentally disabled people can just "know better". Why say he should have done something you don't believe he can do to defend himself from police abuse unless you're excusing the police?

    Agreeing with me is not a compliment, and trust me, there was no translation for a compliment to get lost in... I've been speaking white USA English since I was 2. I am exquisitely sensitive to compliments--no problem there.

    All human beings have huge biases. I can tell how badly you wanted me to feel complimented. You think I can't read you?

    Apparently not. And how about those with mental issues not like yours?
  13. trdofbeingtrd
    What are you talking about? Not once did I say in my original post that this guy was mentally ill, I said stupid, and I stand by that statement. It's kind of hard to believe that the guy can work with mechanics, know how to post on a social website, and talk the way he does and somehow he is literally mentally handicapped. This is not a knock to any people with mental disabilities or handicaps, it's simply me defending that I said he is either extremely ignorant or really stupid........and he is. I think you just want to fight right now with someone. If you don't want the compliment as I meant it, just don't take it. I have no issues with you right now, if we can drop it, we are all good.
  14. idfma
    I guess I don't understand. I didn't see in the post where it said the guy was mentally disabled. I'm also not sure I see where he was victimized. To be victimized is to be treated cruelly or unjustly for no reason (at least that's the way I understand it). If this gentleman is a victim, he has victimized himself.

    He (no one else) chose to put his request to buy drugs on a public and widely viewed media site, and I don't see how the fact that someone took notice is victimization. Just because it wasn't the person HE wanted to notice his post, doesn't make him a victim. I am not assuming he is disabled, and made no derogatory comments to that effect, so I would assert that his error in judgment is what caused this, not the fact that he is a 'victim'.

    To suggest that he is a victim, when he was fully aware of the rules of his workplace, and he was fully aware that there are millions of people who are looking at Twitter every second of the day--to say that his conscious and ill-advised choice makes him a victim, is unfair to all of the people who have been singled out and arrested, tortured, etc, because of injustice--often because they were trying to make the world a better place. It cheapens what actually happens when someone is victimized.

    Bass, it seems more like you're wanting to pick a fight with the folks posting, than even defend the foolish act of this young, naïve man, who needs to grow up and understand the world around him a little better. The police sent him a tweet to make him think about that foolish act. They didn't kick his door in, they didn't arrest him, and they informed his employer because that's what they do--you (and he) expect something else? All because he sent a tweet about how he wanted to buy weed and break the rules he agreed to when he accepted the job. He did that--someone didn't do it to him.

    How was this story supposed to end? Instead of this, what was the final result of this young man's actions supposed to be?

    Should he be able to do what he wants to do, as long as it's not harming anyone else? Absolutely. The problem is that in this case, that's not what happened. He was supposed to be working, and as much as I support him doing whatever he wants at home, I don't want him changing my oil while he's high, forgetting to put everything back together correctly and destroying my engine when all the oil leaks out. I think that's perfectly fair--not unjust in the slightest.

    Most importantly, as a drug user yourself, wouldn't you say it's better to keep that sort of thing a little closer to the vest just as a general rule?

    What he did was foolish, if you prefer that to stupid, but to call him a victim is a misuse of the word.
  15. TheFakeBass
    Just by existing, idfma, you've agreed to your area's drug laws. I see from your profile that you've done schedule I drugs... I trust that you didn't complain if some people found out you did those drugs whom you didn't want to know, and they punished you to their heart's content.

    What happened? Earlier you practically called this case an example of police harassment... now you're full-on denying he was victimized?

    To clarify my statements about disability: It's ableist to assume this man has no mental disabilities. You know nothing about this man save for one news article, and you know him well enough to call him "naive"?

    This man may have diagnosed or undiagnosed mental disability, or maybe he doesn't but he was overworked and his judgment was impaired by simple insomnia... but it's more comfortable for you to point and judge than it is ttoacknowledge your own ignorance and admit that maybe his mistake could have been influenced by factors beyond his control.
  16. jewitch
    just to give you Americans an idea how normal pot use is in Canada...here is what i see daily ( and smell) not only do canadians walk down the street puffing away on their fav skunky dank buds as if they were smoking a cigarette, but even the bank manger and his assistant manager exit the bank during lunch hour, take off their ties and suit jackets, pull out a frisbee roll a big fatty each, "no seagulls!" they shout,( ever notice how a crowd forms when you spark a joint? this is the polite way to say 'i do not share with strangers!') in the PARK in front of children, police and tourists! puff a spliff then toss the frisbee until its time to go back to work....even my rabbi uses it for pain meds as its kosher! i had the rabbi and 3 little old ladies come to my hospital room at my doctors request to introduce me to pot as medicine 17 years ago....grandmothers smoke it! politicians openly smoke it...maybe we just are not so up tight about it. anyone ever think he uses it as a medicine?
  17. TheFakeBass
    I wonder why the people (well, mostly idfma) defending this guy's treatment aren't complaining about the Canadian cops' lax treatment of bankers. An intoxicated banker could wreak a lot more financial damage than a poor mechanic. Shouldn't bankers also have to live in fear of the cops prying into their personal drug decisions and targeting them for unemployment and poverty?
  18. trdofbeingtrd
    The man could be mentally disabled, but then again he could own a black panther. Yes, him being mentally disabled is something pertaining to this where him owning a panther does not. However, ou are claiming he COULD have a mentall disabbled does nothing other than giving a possible reason for doing what is done.

    The guy knew how to speak on the post like he did, and while there are people out there who can be mentally ill and speak slang or "normal", what you seem to be doing is grasping for straws to give reason why the police officers were not just making a mistake but actually seeking out those that have mental issues just to harass and embarrass them.

    I really don't know what I said or typed to keep you going on this or refusing to "back down". I said the guy was either or, and you are giving a possible but not probable reason as to why he did what he did.

    I asked for this to be dropped, not because I am right and you are not, but because I didn't say anything wrong other than the "MR." which I explained and people can back me up.

    Seriously, some criminals are just stupid and some stupid people are just stupid. Not all criminals are mentally challenged in one way or another.
  19. trdofbeingtrd
    Okay, I was right, there you are. I see what is causing you to do as you are.

    Yes, there are corrupt police officers, yes there are corrupt bullshit wastes of life out there in power. This is a far cry from injustices done and I think you just chose your person to defend in haste because of the feelings being so strong about the subject of people being victims of "higher up" people.
  20. jewitch
    we just aren't as uptight north of the boarder. there are so many other things to get your panties in a bunch over. pot just isn't one of them
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