Tory Hypocrites on Drugs: Boris on drugs- I took cocaine but it had no effect on me

By enquirewithin · Jun 4, 2007 · ·
  1. enquirewithin
    Boris on drugs- I took cocaine but it had no effect on me

    By Kim Sengupta

    Independent Published: 04 June 2007

    In a characteristically colourful interview, Boris Johnson has confessed to incompetently snorting cocaine, and admitted he finds Cherie Blair sexually enticing.
    Speaking to former Daily Mirror editor Piers Morgan in GQ magazine, Mr Johnson,42, said of the cocaine episode: "I tried it at university and I remember it vividly. It achieved no pharmacological psychotropic or any other effect on me whatsoever."
    It is not the first time that the shadow education minister has admitted trying cocaine. He had previously said while appearing in the television show Have I Got News For You "I think I was once given cocaine but I sneezed and so it did not go up my nose. In fact, I may have been doing icing sugar."
    Asked in the GQ interview whether any of the Class A drug went up his nose despite the sneeze, Mr Johnson responded " It must have done, oh yes, but it didn't do much for me I can tell you."
    He was also asked whether he had inhaled cannabis. " There was a period before university when I had quite a few (joints). But, funnily enough, not much at university. It was jolly nice. But apparently it is very different these days, much stronger. I have become very illiberal about it. I don't want my kids to take drugs", said the MP who was sacked from a front-bench post by then leader Michael Howard after having an extra-marital affair exposed in Sunday paper.
    Asked by Mr Morgan whether he could imagine having sex with the Prime Minister's wife, he said " I could, yeah. No, don't put that in! God! Not me."
    Mr Johnson initially faced questions about drugs after a biography of David Cameron written by journalists Francis Elliott and James Hanning revealed that the Conservative leader was caught smoking cannabis aged 15 while at Eton. A Conservative party spokesman said at the time that it was all a long time, almost 25 years, ago. He said "David has always maintained politicians have a right to a private life before they come into politics."
    Mr Johnson, in his public life, has repeatedly been in the media for making controversial remarks on a variety of subjects ranging from the people of Liverpool to school dinners.
    He said of Liverpudlians that they relished having a victim culture and had quite liked "wallowing" in grief after the beheading of hostage Ken Bigley in Iraq.
    Manchester United fans subsequently sang "There is only one Boris Johnson" during matches against Liverpool and Everton but he was forced to go to Liverpool by the Tory party hierachy and make an apology which, of course, took place with dozens of journalists and TV cameras present, leading to even more publicity for Boris.
    Following that, he made comments which were said to have enraged the people of Portsmouth, who he said were fat and took drugs, Papua New Guinea, who he implied were cannibals, and Jamie Oliver, saying he would kick out his "healthy" school meals. Each "gaffe" led to acres of media coverage.
    In his latest interview, Mr Johnson told GQ "I love Norwich, and Portsmouth and Liverpool. It's all nonsense. I said about Portsmouth that there was too much drugs, obesity and underachievement. And there it is. It's a statistical fact. Why shouldn't I be allowed to say that?"
    Tories and drugs
    David Cameron
    The Tory leader was alleged in a biography last year to have smoked cannabis at the age of 15, at Eton. According to the book he confessed and was grounded. Some of the other boys caught with him were expelled. When the story came out a spokesman said it all happened a long time ago.
    George Osborne
    The shadow chancellor and Mr Cameron's chum was pictured in Sunday papers at the age of 22 with Natalie Rowe, 42, a former prostitute and what was claimed to be drugs paraphenalia. Mr Osborne, 34, said "The allegations are completely untrue and dredging up a photo when I was 22 years old is pretty desperate stuff."
    Lord Lambton
    The MP for Berwick was photographed in bed with two prostitutes while smoking marijuana in May 1973. Documents released 30 years after the scandal revealed he told an MI5 official he had turned to debauchery - and gardening - because of the futility of his job.

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  1. lulz
    Re: Tory Hypocrites on Drugs: Boris on drugs- I took cocaine but it had no effect on

    Where's the hypocrisy mate?

    I've been a big fan of Cameron ever since I read, in the Independent, that he thinks the UN should revoke it's position on the "War On Drugs" because it's strategically insane. Every time Cameron has spoken about drugs, his position has been that drugs should be legalised and taxed like alcohol.

    (btw when Cameron was busted for smoking weed, he didn't give up the identity of the dealer )
  2. Lunar Loops
    Re: Tory Hypocrites on Drugs: Boris on drugs- I took cocaine but it had no effect on

    Don't be fooled. Here's the hypocrisy:

    "David Cameron is urging the Government to take a harder line on possession and supply of cannabis use despite reports of his own youthful indiscretions with the drug, the Conservative Party said yesterday.
    believes cannabis should be reclassified as a Class B drug – reversing Labour's decision to downgrade it to Class C three years ago.
    He believes the downgrading of cannabis sent out the message that it was a soft, safe drug and encouraged consumption. Police are now more likely just to confiscate the drug and give users a warning.
    The Tory leader, who has not denied reports that he used cannabis as a schoolboy at Eton 25 years ago, is opposed to legalising the drug's recreational use, saying it would increase availability and make it more difficult for parents to keep their children away from drugs

    If you want further evidence, take a look at the following two threads:

  3. Trebor
    I don't like Cameron. For the simnple reason that he is a Tory. Which means he is of the same party as Mrs. Thatcher.

    As for his stance on drugs, he is endorsed by the Daily Mail. Pick up a copy today, don't buy it, just flick through the pages until you read about a guy who raped his dog becuase he looked at a spliff.
  4. enquirewithin
    Re: Tory Hypocrites on Drugs: Boris on drugs- I took cocaine but it had no effect on

    Blair might as well be the same party as Thatcher too! But the "lesser of two evils..."
  5. Trebor
    PLus Blair is a lot like Mr. Bean.
  6. enquirewithin
    Re: Tony "WMD" Blair

    Not half as funny though!
  7. stoneinfocus
    Re: Tory Hypocrites on Drugs

    There´s something called repressive tolerance... letting something run half-legally and letting them die on solely giving a hope to change things the next 10-15-30-60 years -oh, wait, then you and me´re dead *ups* .

    And during this period you wonder why, despite of all the cool sounding promises, you don´t get shit and your life´s working like a machine with the oil leaking, with all the media-hype going on, raging-up the mob (your old "friends") against you.

    Some examples:

    "Today, science says to prescribe more opiates, they´re well tolerated, risk-free and not addictive, if given accordingly to medicinal use"

    means: *I don´t give a shit about science, the prohibition works too well in my program and this for the price of some 1000-10.000 deaths/year, only.*
    or at the doctor: *I hate these junkies, all those coming at my doctor´s office should be given electroshock therapy or a terminal cancer, to see what real pain looks like.*

    "We want legislation of marihuana"

    *lol* anyone buying this shit anymore? means: we are just political players, that pretend to be serving the needs of some bigger minorities, until we get our 12-24k€/months diet, to doing the same things as all do up there, still shitting you and all with our fake agenda.

    "Gays are totally normal" *Gays are retarded with an childish, stupid attitude and probably sick and disabled, but I´ m gettin´ away by telling "it´s normal" with a smile, then gettin´ them to lose their jobs, mobbing them everywhere I find `em, maybe later making them commit suicide, because I think this is really the better for us all.*
  8. lulz
    Re: Tory Hypocrites on Drugs: Boris on drugs- I took cocaine but it had no effect on

    That's. Quite. Disappointing...
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