Tossed cigarettes lead to drug arrests

By lexifer · Apr 7, 2008 · ·
  1. lexifer

    All I can say is, wow.

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  1. Ididnotinhale
    why do people often admit to officers that they have a "small amount" of weed/ gives the po po the right to search the car.
  2. AquafinaOrbit
    Because they were screwed either way and they believed by acting honest to the cop it would look better upon them in court.
  3. Sneakypenguin
    first off i'm parker from that story, its awesome that they decided it was worthy of the front page of their newspaper with me n my cousin ethans damn mugshots. but the cop completly abused his power made us exit the vehicle like as soon as he came up we hadnt smoked in miles i had the windows down heat up n sprayed some smell-good. he didnt smell pot. i never admitted to having anything he asked if he could search n i said no. he asked why not n i replied well i have my rights. anyway he searched the vehicle n made up shit in the police report. they took my 91 nissian 300zx all my cash n drugs, the cash was for rent by the way. but i have a good attorney so maybe i can get rid of these five felonies i have pending
  4. AntiAimer
    What's the significance in this? Just shows how dumb they are especailly littering infront of a cop while having drugs on you.

    So he made sure to give them every charge possible.
  5. Heretic.Ape.
    ^ hahaha, my thought exactly. Remember kids: honesty is always the best policy when dealing with people who want to fuck you over ;)
  6. Sneakypenguin
    it was like 11 at night didnt know it was a cop and after i was in handcuffs he asked me and i quote from my vague valium fucked memory "where do you find shrooms, this is just for my personal information off the record." we had 20 valium at the start of the night ended up with 6 when we were arrest do the math.
  7. RaverHippie
    It's not so smart to post on the internet about a story when a trial is pending. Wouldn't want anything mentioned here to be able to be used against you, just a general warning.
  8. Sneakypenguin
    definitely a good point i just hate the story that was in the newspaper and found this site when i googled my name and shrooms
  9. radiometer
    I hope you get the max sentence for the lit cigarettes. That's a total asshole thing to do.
  10. cosmicruler
    quote;"Parker admitted that Ames had a "small pinch bag" of marijuana in his pants pocket.

    Hoffman searched Ames and found the marijuana and a bottle containing six Valium pills. He then searched Parker, but found no drugs on him. "

    quote;"I hope you get the max sentence for the lit cigarettes. That's a total asshole thing to do. "

    agreed radiometer...

  11. superwoman
    Swim got arrested after getting pulled over by some asshole because my passenger threw a lit cigarette out the window in Cape Cod, MA.


    Swim thought it was probably due to the fact there was 2 white girls in a car with 3 black guys. Thats just Swims thinking though. Racist assholes!

    Sorry for the rant! But who could imagine cigarettes could land you a case? Guess Swim isn't the only one...
  12. Joe Duffy
    I can’t believe that anybody in this day and age would just throw a cigarette out the window of a car!
  13. Heretic.Ape.
    Really? Maybe smokers are just more barbaric in the US than the rest of the world. The world is our ash-tray.
  14. Panthers007
    An old friend of mine always drove to the same bank in the Boston area. He hated that bank. And that is where he would empty his car ashtray - right into their parking lot.
  15. superwoman
    Swim thinks she has found her new signature.... Barbaric Smoker lol

    Just to note regarding the post above: Swim wasn't the one flicking her cigarette out the window.

    Hmmm... Swim is curious as to what bank Panthers is speaking of..
  16. cra$h
    psh, all of them.... once again, pot and bad luck. you'd never read this article if it was opium instead of weed. idk, but swim's finding a common denomonator, or weed is just the most common drug
  17. 5150
    You think being honest would help you out. Just bad luck mate. Keep your head up and fight the case.
  18. cosmicruler
    just bad luck??

    luck has nothing to do with it!
    it was an action by the OP and friend that got them in shit,not luck!!!!they both gotstoned and threw joints outa window that hit a police car!!!thats stupidity,notluck!!

    and then it says the OP seemed more nervous than usual....and the iceing on the cake is when the OP NARCS on the OP friend!!!

    for fucks sake....act cool,and NEVER,NEVER,NEVER narc on ya mates!!!!hope ya get timeand learn ya lesson!!!if ya do watch out casue no1 takes kindly to a NARC!!!
  19. 5150
    Cosmic, you are getting too worked up over a post on the internet. Read the post from parker, nobody really narcd on anyone. The situation was pure bad luck, were any of you ever young and dumb? The answer is yes. Chill back and hope for the best of a fellow member among us.
  20. D-termine
    Take care of yourself bro and make sure you take that shit to trial. I had a couple Z's in my past, that part really sucks as well. I'd take out a loan or whatever you can and get the best lawyer you can find. Those charges are bs and they will bully you into signing if you're not careful. GL bro

    D-termine added 2 Minutes and 50 Seconds later...

    Oh and to all those rolling dirty, how hard is it to hide your stash, whatever that might be? SWIM was pulled over twice the other night within 20 mins and got searched the first go around. There are many places to hide just about anything, and it's a small concession to spend a minute or two hiding your goods. And as far as tossing smokes go, there are really places people don't do this? I'd love to live there
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