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  1. Jaden
    Swim has not succeeded in coming off amphetamines; .............. :(

    swim cannot get past the withdrawal symptoms and is not strong enough to do it.

    Swim had taken all the supplements and vitamins, eaten well and tried to function with the symptoms but swim failed.

    Swim cannot cope with the low mood due to suffering anxiety and depression in the past and is still suffering anxiety the feelings are to overwhelming.

    Swim really does not know what the future holds as swim feels there is no way out

    Swim lives with parents so cannot spend days in bed and has to try to function as normal to get on with daily work.

    How does swiy get out of this situation when they cannot let others around know?

    Swim has come to a point of desperation and is scared what the future is going to be.:confused:

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  1. old hippie 56
    It does get better, trust me, it will take a while. Haven't no one to trust in and confide in? Really need someone to turn to when the craving starts.
  2. Jaden
    swim does not have anyone to turn to because nobody knows that swim has been taking amphetamines on a daily basis.

    Swim does not crave for the buzz swim takes because of the side effects swim has only started to get bad effects in the last 3 months before this swim just had the usual tiredness and low mood after a weekend

    The effects now are physical as in complete exhaustions to the point of not being able to dry hair and really bad confusion so even the simply task of getting dressed is hard

    when swim does sleep the next day swim has very swollen hands and feet and hands become slightly numb and hard to use.

    Swim cannot get through this due to living with parents and working so has to take more to function normaly.

    This is why swim is so worried
  3. Metomni
    I don't have many words of advice as I don't have experience in the area, but I really hope you don't give up. You know you are able to do this and you can do what you must. That's what is important, just remember that. :)
  4. sylenth
    i recommend you should pretend you are sick & take some days to rest & sleep properly because you have burnt your self out quite badly. your job is'nt as important as your health & you really need to rest & come right. hope you make the right decision & all the best.
  5. Pope Albacore
    SWIM agrees with sylenth. SWIM says if SWIY are lucky enough to have a caring physician, call he/she and talk them into giving a medical excuse slip for work or the equivalent. Take some time OFF. SWIY needs rest. Take care.

    -Pope Albacore
  6. Jaden
    swim cannot get a sick note and have time out because swim has been ill recently with tonsillitis and swim has been telling parents every week that swim feels rundown and that is why swim is spending time in bed.

    Swim feels a couple of weeks would not be enough swim feels it will take longer and really needs support through it as well.

    Parents are getting mad with swim thinking that swim is just being lazy it is hard for swim to tell parents the truth because swim does not know what reaction swim will get. And swim has a sibling who had a drug problem years ago when swim was still at school swims sibling was on heroine and this destroyed swims parents and caused many problems. Swim does not want to put parents through that again although the circumstances are completely different swim does not know what they will do.

    Swim feels like rehab would be a good solution but they don’t usually admit amphetamine users to rehab so swim is really stuck as to what to do next.
  7. williebeamen
    good luck swim. swim going through the same right now. swim is anxious moody horny all in one. hate feeling sad for swim but must do what is right.
  8. fakelondonboy
    swim i know what its like man, swim has been bang on amphetamines for last 5 years, swim takes it within 5 mins of being awake, swim cant stop,
    swim tryed so many times but cant handle feel tired, swim dont want to do anything and swim mind set is not on the job, swim used to be bang on the crack pipe for 2 years but swim thinks amphetamines is so much harder to come off as swim needs it just to feel normal, swim will be out of action for weeks if stops, when do you stop how do you stop, it takes so long it finishs swim off, swim dont know what to do
  9. truten
    swim would try maybe coping with a lesser amphetamine. such as methcathinone or something similar. swim is not in your place but maybe doing it in stages might work. like going to cat and then adderall and then maybe trying to quit completely
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