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Tougher anti-drug legislation with restrictions on legal plants

  1. torachi
    Federal authorities have set a threshold for how many narcotic plants grown in the garden can send Russians to prison.

    Officials approved a list of plants containing narcotic or psychotropic substances, and defined the large and exceptionally large amounts for the application of criminal charges.

    As reported by Moskovsky Komsomolets from the administrative offices of the Russian government, psychotropic plants include the blue lotus, psilocybin-containing mushrooms, mescaline cacti, coca plants, cannabis, white poppy, Hawaiian rose, salvia, khat and ephedra.

    Growing two cacti, four coca plants, 10 bulbs of poppy, salvia, ephedra, blue lotus or Hawaiian Rose, 20 marijuana plants or psilocybin mushrooms at home or on a plot of land is enough to earn a jail sentence. Such numbers of plants containing narcotic substances are now defined as a large amount. An exceptionally large amount starts from 10 and 20 units respectively for mescaline cacti and coca plants.

    Growing “large amounts” means at least 100 mushrooms, poppy bulbs or blue lotus, Hawaiian rose or salvia plants, at least 200 ephedra plants and 330 cannabis plants.

    Also, the Russian government has determined the amount of dried and ready-to-use plants considered to be an exceptionally large amount: more than three grams of the blue lotus, salvia or Hawaiian Rose, and six grams of cannabis, 10 grams of psilocybin mushrooms and 20 grams of coca or poppy.

    This also means more than 50 and 100 grams of mescaline-containing cacti and khat, respectively, as well as more than 30 grams of salvia, Hawaiian Rose and blue lotus seeds, more than 100 grams of mushrooms and marijuana, 250 grams of coca plants and cacti.

    Moskovsky Komsomolets



  1. godztear
    Does this mean that they have decriminalized the growing of some plants for personal use since for small amounts there is no jail sentence?
  2. torachi
    Thats the way it sounds, right? According to cannabis laws on wiki..


    Someone who knows Russian laws should come help us understand cultivation regulations.
  3. Myxomor
    You will only get fine within the limits described above
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