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Town of Newburgh bust yields $450,000 in cash and drugs

By buseman, Jul 6, 2010 | |
  1. buseman
    NEWBURGH — Responding to a domestic dispute on Sunday, town police discovered $450,000 in drugs and cash at a bungalow on Lakeside Road.

    After observing drug paraphernalia in the open when inside of the home during the call, police were able to return a few hours later with a search warrant.

    In addition to several kilos of cocaine and 3,000 decks of heroin, $40,000 in cash was found.

    Fernando Rodriguez, 33, and Amy Albee, 36, were arrested and charged with first degree criminal possession of a controlled substance, possession with intent to sell and second degree possession of marijuana, all felonies.

    Both were sent to Orange County Jail without bail.

    Police Lt. Michael Clancy, a 36 year veteran, said it was one of the largest drug arrests ever carried out in Newburgh.

    It’s the largest one I’ve ever seen, he said. This guy’s not a street level dealer.

    Clancy said the residence was already under surveillance by police. Detectives had previously targeted the house for investigation of drug activity, he said.

    Police said the drugs had a street value of more than $400,000.

    JULY 5, 2010


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