Toxic bin fumes 'drug of choice'

By fnord · Apr 3, 2007 · ·
  1. fnord

    Police believe the craze could be behind a spate of wheelie bin fires
    Setting wheelie bins on fire and sniffing the fumes is the new "drug of choice" for youths, police in South Yorkshire have said.

    Teenagers are thought to set the bins alight and then inhale the toxic plastic fumes to get a "high".

    Police believe the craze could be behind bin fires in the Athersley and New Lodge areas of Barnsley.

    Anti-solvent abuse charities said inhaling the bin fumes could be more dangerous than sniffing glue or petrol.

    Pc Jonathan Reed of South Yorkshire Police told BBC Radio Sheffield they were now looking at ways to lock up the bins to prevent the practice.

    He said: "It is the drug of choice, setting fire to the bins and inhaling the fumes.

    "The health and safety implications are terrible. It's only a matter of time before someone really harms themselves."

    They can be breathing in a whole compound of different chemicals in the plastic and not have a clue about what they actually are, or what they're doing to them
    Warren Hawksley

    Warren Hawksley, director of anti-solvent abuse charity Re-Solv, said he had heard of the problem in Scotland before, but this was the first time he had come across it in England.

    He said that in Scotland it was also known for people to burn bus shelters to get the same effect.

    Mr Hawksley said: "It's a deadly combination. They can be breathing in a whole compound of different chemicals in the plastic and not have a clue about what they actually are, or what they're doing to them.

    "At least with things like petrol the lead's been taken out of most of it, and there are controls in place to stop abuse of other substances.

    "It's worrying that these incidents seem to be spreading too."

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  1. fnord
    wow,what next?will kids start useing dirty needles for bloodletting to cacht thebody buzz you get fform lack of blood?
  2. Trebor
    Oh fucking hell, I luaghed so hard coffee left my nasal passage.

    Right.... WHatever happened to the days young people sniffed glue?
  3. Nagognog2
    Yum! Cyanide-High! Oh joy!

    They'll claim cannabis leads to "Plastic-Abuse" and crack down harder. They'll fail to understand that if the kids could smoke cannabis - you wouldn't need to buy a new trash-can. Or a new kid.
  4. pokeyjo304
    lol, if one of my friends would ever light a bin on fire and inhale the fumes to get high, i would probably have to punch him in the face, then take a leak on him while he was down, when they say "drug of choice" does that mean these people would choose to do it rather than say smoke a joint? weird
  5. enquirewithin
    What is the URL for this article?
  6. PingoTango
    I had to go visit the BBC news website to check that this wasn't posted on the 1st of April... Unbelievable.
  7. snapper
    What's a wheelie bin ? Is it a shopping cart made of plastic ?
    SWIM wonders the kind of desperation leads to this kind of behavior. SWIM feels that some solvent abuse is very much linked to prohibition, since those who do it do it as a last resort. However to make it a drug of choice is profoundly wrong.
  8. Trebor
    A wheelie bin is a plastic trash container with wheels at one side so that you can put it at an angle and wheel your trash to the side of a road to have it picked up.

    Also, if the smell of burning plastic is bad, what the fuck does a plastic trash container smeel like? Do they empty them first?
  9. Nagognog2
    Perhaps the government will ban throwing out garbage now. Dress up as a hysterical woman (take hints from the Irish government here) and get on TV. "Our innocent children are huffing plastic trash-cans! Save our children! Keep your garbage at home!"

    Go for it.
  10. Trebor
    Too bad I shaved my head. My hair was so long I could've passed for a woman.

    Also, why was I reminded of Reverned Lovejoy's wife?
  11. Micklemouse
    Wow. The ultimate street drug. A whole new meaning to junk. I'm sure other rubbish gags are in there too...

    You don't have to prove you're over 18 to get a wheelie bin!

    Keywords in this article are "thought" & "believe". Wheelie bins get burnt out regularly round here, as do cars, mattresses, & sundry other potentially harmful items. Generally speaking anyone near it is seen standing resolutely upwind of the fire, not huffing hot fumes which would put you in hospital immediately. A Certain Mouse hasn't heard any stories from friends in A&E about anyone coming in with breathing problems fitting what would happen if someone did such a dumbass thing. There is no mention of this on the Re-solv site either.

    All articles like this are going to do, apart from causing young Eireans to scald their noses, is to give chavs ideas.

    The link, as requested:
  12. Trebor
    Young Eireanns?
  13. fnord
    anyone seen the aquateen episode where they smoke moon weed?(they get inside a dome with a bunch of burning tires)
  14. Zaprenz
    In other news:

    Due to the unforseen costs of this ruthless addiction sweeping the country *add relevant tax here* will increase and waste collection times have been reduced. :confused:
  15. xudface
    it's a trash can that you put your crap in and then wheel it out into the street for collection.
  16. zera
    "Styx 1982! Oh man, that night we got so... arrested"
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