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  1. enquirewithin
    NEW DELHI - AT LEAST 122 people are now known to have died in India's western Gujarat state after consuming toxic home-brewed alcohol, a police official said on Saturday.

    Fifteen new deaths were reported overnight raising the toll from 107 on Friday.

    'We have 227 people admitted in hospital at present. But the numbers of new cases coming in are fewer than before,' senior police officer Abhay Chudasama told AFP by phone from Gujarat's commercial capital Ahmedabad.

    The first cases of alcohol poisoning were reported on Sunday when people fell sick after drinking the contaminated brew at a party.

    Selling or consuming alcohol is a criminal offence in Gujarat, India's only dry state and the birthplace of Mahatma Gandhi.

    Deaths from cheap alcohol are common in India and last year nearly 170 people died after drinking from a batch of toxic liquor in southern India.

    The Press Trust of India reported that more than 800 bootleggers have been arrested in a recent crackdown on illegal brewers.




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