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  1. Terrapinzflyer
    Traffic stop nets $1.5 million in cocaine
    A Washington State Patrol trooper with a K-9 dog found 132 pounds of cocaine during a traffic stop on State Route 20 near Burlington Saturday evening, according to the State Patrol.

    A Washington State Patrol trooper with a police dog found 132 pounds of cocaine during a traffic stop on Highway 20 near Burlington Saturday evening, according to the State Patrol.

    At about 7 p.m., the trooper pulled over a 1996 Chevrolet pickup truck that had been driving on the highway shoulder and was attempting to make an illegal turn, said WSP spokesman Keith Leary.

    When the driver and passenger became nervous, the trooper brought out a K-9 drug-sniffing dog, which hit on luggage in the pickup bed.

    The driver and passenger were arrested but released because a search warrant — necessary to open the luggage — was not immediately available. After a warrant was obtained, the luggage was opened, and the cocaine, packaged in the shape of bricks, was found.

    According to the WSP, the cocaine has a street value of approximately $1.5 million.

    The WSP has an open investigation related to the seizure, and more details were not available. "The folks (in the pickup) have been positively ID'd. We know who they are," said Leary.

    By Jonathan Martin
    Seattle Times staff reporter
    Originally published December 15, 2009 at 7:24 PM



  1. mbarnes0
    When did this happen?
    Last Saturday?
  2. Terrapinzflyer
    ^^ added the date to the story- missed it somehow. So yea- looks like it was last saturday the 12th.
  3. Samadhi
    Wow. 132 pounds of peruvian-fast-forward-dust in the trunk and you aren't driving like a fucking nun!? It always blows my mind when I see people who have mass quantities of drugs or warrants for their arrests getting caught speeding or making an illegal turn.

    Just seems pretty careless
  4. mbarnes0
    A buddy of mine would make weekly pick-ups of methamphetamine in excess of a kilo each time and the way he talked about it was so sketchy;
    -Pull up to meeting place
    -Have some guy run up and throw a trash bag in the bed of his pickup truck
    -Haul fucking ass back home (30-40 minute drive)

    Crazy, SWIM would have every effort focused on not attracting any attention whatsoever. This guy would do 75-80mph on the way back. SWIM doesn't get it either.
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