Tragic Drug Girl Dies After Eight-Year Coma

By dragonuser · Oct 21, 2009 · ·
  1. dragonuser
    [h2]A young woman who plunged into an eight-year coma after a single experiment with heroin has died.[/h2]

    [​IMG] Amy Pickard as a pretty schoolgirl and in a coma with mum Thelma

    Amy Pickard, 25, featured on a television documentary when she appeared to be making a miracle recovery during a clinical trial in 2007.
    There were reports she even began to breathe unaided and her mother Thelma said at the time that she was making "fantastic, steady progress".
    But Amy, who collapsed after taking the drug once aged 17, died at a care home in Hastings earlier this week.
    Ms Pickard, of Sedlescombe, East Sussex, wept as she told how her daughter had been her greatest inspiration and "best friend" over the last eight years.

    [​IMG] Amy injected the drug once

    She told Sky News Online: "Amy was just the most beautiful person in my world.
    "She was in a coma but I saw her grow up for eight years. I loved her so much.
    "Being with her for the past eight years has been the greatest thing in my life. She was the bravest, most inspirational person in the world."
    Amy was seven months pregnant when she experimented with heroin in 2001 "after falling in with the wrong crowd", her mother said.
    She collapsed in public toilets in Hastings and had to be resuscitated twice. She suffered brain damage and lapsed into a vegetative state.
    Her baby, named Summer Louise, was delivered in hospital but died five days later.

    Being with her for the past eight years has been the greatest thing in my life. She was the bravest, most inspirational person in the world.
    Mother Thelma Pickard

    In 2007, Amy showed major signs of improvement after taking part in a worldwide trial of the drug Zolpidem, normally used as a sleeping pill.
    Her mother said at the time: "Within 25 minutes of taking the pill I could see the expression in her face change. She appeared relaxed."
    The trial followed research which showed some coma patients could be temporarily revived by taking the insomnia treatment.
    Amy's death comes amid news of another drug-related tragedy involving a teenage girl.
    An inquest has been told how Kate Walsh's parents tried desperately to get help for their daughter before she was found dead in a squat in Swindon, Wiltshire.
    Ms Pickard said Amy will be buried this Friday.
    She told Sky: "Amy was not a rock-and-roller but she loved her dancing. The funeral will be a celebration of her life.
    "We'll be playing tracks from Dirty Dancing, Whitney Houston and Oasis."

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  1. Nnizzle
    Wish they had more info on HOW MUCH heroin she took
    "once"... or what else was in it, perhaps whether she had other medical problems... in order to actually understand how one sesh could have put her in a coma...
    wouldn't everyone here at DF be much better at actually reporting than all news reporters?
  2. sunnyside
    What a sad story...
    Difficult to add any words to it.
    Destiny was waiting for her in that toilet stall...
  3. Frenzal
    Very sad story.

    What struck me though was that she shot up for the first time in a public restroom.

    I always thought that was the resort of the addicted with nowhere else to go.
  4. EscapeDummy
    Very sad story... I wonder what physiological mechanism caused the 8 year coma, as opposed to just falling unconsious...
  5. MrG

    This from her website:

    Amy was 7 months pregnant and went into town with a male friend to buy a cot and have a few drinks.........Later that same day she was found with my male friend collapsed in a locked cubicle at toilets in Hastings town centre. Amy had collapsed because of a heroine overdose, and was not an addict to any sort of drug.

    Ok, she's 17, pregnant and going for a few drinks?

    She was not addicted to any sort of drug before?

    Sheesh, I know the Daily Mail readers have been feeding on the sour breast-milk of this story for the past 8 years but did nobody question the source of these declarations of innocence?
  6. ScorpioSunshine

    I'd not heard of this story until now, and the second thing I thought (after "how sad") was, "Who shoots up in a public restroom for their first time?"

    I think it's a very tragic and sad story, but I do think this may not have been her first time.

    ETA: And reading Mr. G's post and the points he makes brings to believe there is more to this. Still, it is very sad on many counts.
  7. ex-junkie
    i feel terrible for suggesting it, but if that was her first time using heroin, then is it possible that she was deliberately trying to end her life?

    to be 7 months pregnant and use a drug like heroin, really shows that you dont have much love for your unborn baby...

    perhaps she didnt want to be a mother at 17 and tried to end it all?

    on the flipside, she could have been hiding a heroin addiction beforehand..... though this isnt likely to go unnoticed by family and friends...
  8. Potter
    I'd rather be dead then in a coma for eight years...
  9. LicktheShade
    What kind of girl shoots up heroin when she's 7 months pregnant...? For the first time as well, so its not as if she was addicted.

    Some people...:thumbsdown:
  10. chinpokomaster
    The kind that gets pregnant at 17, evidently. Both are clear displays of wreckless, impulsive behaviour.

    The thing that puzzles me most, though. It how does one in a coma act brave? I hate the overuse of that word.
  11. kailey_elise
    I call bullshit.

    No way, I don't care how brainless you are, does someone who's 7 months pregnant decide that's a good time to try heroin for the first time, esp via IV.

    In a public toilet, no less?

    Bullshit, on all levels.

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