Tramadol tolerance worries

By tramster · Aug 17, 2010 ·
  1. tramster
    Swim thinks he is finally beginning to experience tolerance to Tramadol and is a bit concerned.

    Swim has been using Tramadol for nearly two years now off and on, but has always limited himself to 50mg once daily with 2-3 days off out of every 7 days.

    The original reason for taking Tramadol was for relief from chest pain swim suffers with occasionally. However swim found out that Tramadol not only cured his lethargy and low moods, but also made work and exercise easier.

    In short, swim found Tramadol to be a very effective instant anti-depressant with hardly any side effects so swim continued taking it, but only on days when he experienced lethargy and low moods.

    In recent weeks swim began taking Tramadol more regularly for the euphoria and without breaks. Since then he has noticed what could be tolerance emerging, since the usual 50mg dose he takes no longer provides the same level of euphoria.

    However, swim just recently switched to a new type of Tramadol (Zamadol melts) and wonders whether these might be weaker, although thinks that's probably doubtful..

    So basically swim is worried about tolerance and doesn't want to start increasing the dose but at the same time doesn't want to take break a from Tramadol due to lethargy and dysphoria.

    Swim is now looking for other something else to compliment Tramadol during breaks. Possibly codeine or Kratom...

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