Tree's Journey: The Sweet Smell of Progress

By Coconut · Jan 13, 2009 · ·
  1. Coconut
    So today, my tree had his first appointment with his psychiatrist since before Christmas.

    Sertraline certainly is not the drug for him. He has suffered nausea, dizziness and decreased interest in sex since starting on it. As such, the psychiatrist has said that he can begin tapering off. He's already on 25mg a day with about six of these doses left, so he thinks he'll just reduce to ~17.5mg per day for a week then ~8.75mg per day until it's all gone. He doesn't mind a long tapering if it means not having to suffer SSRI withdrawal syndrome... again.

    My tree is at the end of his rope in terms of coping with his symptoms. Third year university exams start from next Monday and study is progressing slowly. His psychiatrist understands this. They spoke about Attention Deficit Disorder* and the incredible over-diagnosis which seems to be prevalent in the United States. As such, the psychiatrist admitted he is not an expert on ADD and is not qualified to make such a diagnosis so significant and with potentially addictive treatment (amphetamine).

    He offered to set Tree up with an appointment to a colleague of his who is one of the foremost experts on the condition in Ireland. Lucky enough, this colleague lives only a few minutes from Tree. He accepted the offer and has to ring his psychiatrist in about a week for details.

    It might not be ideal but at least it's something. My tree will attempt his exams to the best of his ability and see what happens...

    *Those of you who may have read my posts in the amphetamine forum will know that I categorise ADD (inattentive) and ADHD (hyperactive) separately.

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  1. Coconut
    E-mail received from Tree.

    Well, it has been a couple of weeks since I took my last dose of sertraline. I'm experiencing brain shocks when I walk around or look around quickly but while sitting they're nonexistent.

    Other than that, I feel good. Had a wonderful night on Monday with my girlfriend which has elevated my mood a bit all week.

    Appointment with an Attention Deficit Disorder specialist on Monday. We'll see how it goes!
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