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  1. Terrapinzflyer
    Tribesmen raided in agency's first bust

    A combined government agency task force carried out a series of raids at properties associated with the Tribesmen motorcycle gang today.

    The joint raids - carried out by the Organised and Financial Crime Agency New Zealand - hit homes of members and associates of the motorcycle gang in Northland and Auckland.

    The agency is comprised of Police, Customs, Serious Fraud Office, Corrections Department, Fisheries Ministry and Social Development Ministry staff.

    Acting director Detective Superintendent Brett Kane said it had been set up to "dismantle and disrupt those groups in our communities that are making profit through organised criminal activities".

    Mr Kane said he expected around 14 arrests, with those arrested set to face around 160 charges in relation to selling, supplying and conspiracy to supply and manufacture methamphetamine.

    "There is still a lot of ongoing work to be done in terms of asset recovery but we are confident that what we have done today will seriously disrupt organised crime activities in Northland."

    "What we have seen today is the result of a new way of working together to combat organised crime in New Zealand,".

    Mr Kane said over 100 staff were involved in the raids.

    The agency has been set up to target the top end of organised criminal activity, gangs and methamphetamine, he said.

    By MICHAEL FOX - Stuff.co.nz



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