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  1. MikePatton
    Ichilov hospital: four in serious condition after using 'Nice Guy'.
    The four arrived at the hospital with symptoms such as increased temperature to 43 degrees and severe harm to muscles. Mr. Nice Guy is marketed in the form of dried leaves and may cause serious side effects such as memory loss, insomnia, dizziness, headache, hallucinations, paranoia and dehydration

    No longer Mr. Nice Guy. Last month four young men were hospitalized at Ichilov Medical Center after consuming convenience stores drug "Nice Guy". This is despite the fact that two and a half months ago _ the Parliament's Labor, Welfare and Health Committee made most kiosk drugs illegal . Now it turns out that despite this installation, these drugs are still being sold and endanger the lives of their users.

    "In less than a month we received four young men aged 18 to 25 when they are anesthetized and intubatedas all suffered from symptoms like that of heat stroke, just like it was at the Tel Aviv marathon. One of them even suffered from 43 degrees fever. They also suffered very hard muscle spasms and we didn't understand what happened, "explains Prof. Patrick Sorkin, director of the intensive care unit at Ichilov Hospital where they were treated.

    We found that all four have used the widely popular legal high called "Mr. Nice Guy". Professor Sorkin explains that the drug contains a substance called Triclosan used against inflammatory processes and is found in toothpastes and detergents. "But this drug has this stuff in enormous quantities, so it caused all these injuries to the patients."

    Ichilov cooled the bodies of the victims to a temperature of 36 degrees, gave them fluids and medications, and two days later on average they woke up from anesthesia, and after two more days were released from intensive care to the internal medicine department. "It's a miracle these guys came out unscathed," says Professor Sorkin.

    A very dangerous drug:
    Only in early May it was announced by the Labor, Welfare and Health Committee that they were finally making these drugs illegal for good. The committee approved the change in the Dangerous Drugs Ordinanceto include into the long list of forbidden substances, including their derivatives, thus making many substances and many chemical compounds illegal.

    Until then the war on these drugs consisted of making a specific compound illegal, and watching as the molecule changes and the drug becomes legal once again. The goal of the fundamental change to the law was to prevent a change of the drug molecule and thereby blocking it's renewed legality. However, despite the welcome change, it turns out that the results have not yet felt the ground.

    "Statistically, I have no doubt that if there were more young people to take the drug that, some of them will suffer from kidney failure or even spend their lives comatose," warns Prof. Sorkin.

    "Mr. Nice Guy" is a drug that works in a similar way to cannabis but is infinitely stronger. It is marketed in the form of dried leaves and may have serious side effects of memory loss, insomnia, dizziness, headache, hallucinations, paranoia and dryness.

    Yaron Kalner, Ynet News
    23.07.13, 18:40
    Translated by yours truely from:


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