Trinity College offer ecstasy users cash to partake in study

By Abrad · Feb 2, 2006 · ·
  1. Abrad
    From The Irish Mirror

    The countrys top university is offering students 30Euro-a-time to experiment on them.
    And last night anti-drugs campaigners reacted with fury after it emerged trinity College Dublin is trying to recruit teenage guinea pigs who regularly use the drug.
    Grainne Kenny from Europe Against Drugs said she was "gobsmacked" at the project.
    She pointed out that those eligable to take part are dicing with death adding "This is not the type of research that should be used for human subjects".
    Fliers have been distributed in the capital asking for "right-handed" volunteers for the two-hour test.
    Researchers want to examine the effects the drug has on the mind.
    It is understood that at least 60 long-term ecstasy have already answered the ad.
    Staff at the psychology department have confirmed the existence of the research program., which is being funded by the Health Research Board within the college.
    The post-graduate student leading the research has said the project was the best way to find out how ecstasy affects its users.
    Gloria Roberts, who has a masters degree in neuropharmacology, said the student population is the ideal testing ground.
    She said the only way to find out more about the drug was by testing long-term users.
    But Grainne Kenny added "What are they at? I can't believe what is going on at Trinity College"
    "What happens if some long-term user dies trying to get himself an extra 30Euro"

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  1. Raw edge
    Wow thats news to me.
  2. Abrad
    She was on the radio along with the Professor in charge of the study. She didn't seem to be able to understand that nobody was going to give the subjects ecstasy. I felt sorry for the Prof. having to explain this to her at least a dozen times.
  3. Alfa
    That woman seems a raving madman. What's up with her?
  4. Abrad
    Shes definetely a bit nuts, and if further proof is needed
    Trees should be removed from Limerick bar- EURAD
    (Source:'Pub in pot of bother': The Sun. p. 20, , 25 Jun 2004)

    EURAD (Europe Against Drugs) president Grainne Kenny has launched an outrageous attack on a pub in Limerick, which she has accused of trying to attract customers by planting trees outside which she feels are imitation cannabis trees. "Why do the guards, the chamber of commerce and civil society tolerate this. These trees should be removed. They are giving out a very dangerous message to children", she said. Ms Kenny made her comments to an anti-drugs seminar in the city and displayed leaves she had broken off the trees. But the owner of the bar, Will Rooney denied any wrongdoing. "They may look like something else, but they are called Japanese Maple. We wanted something to replace palm trees that were stolen, and this is what we got", said Mr Rooney. "I noticed one was a bit bare, maybe she'll replace it for us", he added.
  5. Nagognog2
    Sounds like the "Expert Government Witness" who testified against the rock band Judas Priest here in the USA back in the 1980's. This woman was trying to sue Judas Priest for damages because her son had shot and killed his friend, then shot himself (living but as a vegetable with his brains blown out). She, and the government witness, claimed it was because her kid listened to the music from this band. The government wanted them thrown in jail. The witness claimed the music was subliminal words from Satan calling for murder and suicide - especially if you played it backwards.

    This case went forward until the defence pointed out that the Expert Witness also was on record for trying to have the American 5 dollar bill withdrawn from circulation. Seems he believed he could see the word SEX written in Abraham Lincoln's beard on the note. No one else could.

    Pretty hard to get a conviction when the entire courtroom is on the floor holding their ribs and laughing!
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