Trip Report - 2c-t-2

By chillinwill · Aug 7, 2008 · ·
  1. chillinwill
    Set: No expectations, tired but in a good mood.

    Setting: Initially indoors, later outdoors

    Dosage: 24 mg of 2C-T-2 spaced out over a 30 minute period.

    T+0: First 8 mg pill swallowed with some orange juice.

    T+15: Second ..

    T+30: .. Third and last.

    SWIM's first experience with this material had been kind of a disappointment, took 16 mg and had lots of unpleasant physical side effect with little psychedelic effect. SWIM had much lower expectations this time, as he had not even planned to trip. But since he was in a good mood, he thought it wouldn't be such a bad idea.

    SWIM decide to induce some novelty by putting on Spectrum's album "Forever Alien", which he just got and haven't listened to yet. It's great, even though the song "Owsley" is reeeeaaaaally strange.

    SWIM is lying down on the sofa, staring at the patterns that are beginning to form in the ceiling. His face feels hot, kind of like when on MDMA, some mild trails. SWIM feel some slight nausea.

    SWIM feels very positive, in a MDMA-like way, but not of the same magnitude. The visuals are quite similar to the ones he gets from a 100 mcg dose of LSD. SWIM thinks about how nice it is, and how high expectations he had built up the first time he had tried 2C-T-2 made him unable to be impressed. This time he had allowed himself to wait until the effects made themselves known, instead of being locked into observer mode. Suddenly he feels nausea but avoids throwing up by taking a few deep breaths. After this he said there wasn't much physical discomfort, except for tense jaw-muscles.


    SWIM gets up for a while, and his sense of balance is quite affected. SWIM thinks about how ridiculous it is to put energy into fighting the existence of drugs, and if the authorities really don't realize that if crop eradication is even slightly successful, those drugs will be replaced by synthetic ones. SWIM open the door to his balcony and looks out. A corlorful flower catches his attention, and he admires it for several minutes before he lose interest. He switches the music to Sonic Boom & Spectrum "What came before after".

    SWIM decides it's a good time to go out, so he takes his bike and goes for a ride to a nearby hill. From there he watches the beginning sunset while listening to Shpongle. After 30 minutes he walks down the opposite side of the hill, and finds it to be full with beautiful flowers. He smells them and is amazed at all the amazing aromas that fill the air. SWIM admires the purple and green hillside for a while, before he walks down to a landing-stage by the nearby lake. He spends the rest of the sunset sitting there in a yoga position meditating, admiring the sun and the refelection of it as it disappears below the horizon. SWIM is experiencing something very religious and transcendental. By focusing at a point a bit further away, SWIM can get the illusion of the landing-stage moving, instead of the water flowing. SWIM goes for a bike ride on the small gravel roads through a forest, and return back home at T+270, when he is pretty much back at baseline, except for some visual activity.

    When he goes to bed at T+450 he falls asleep within 5 minutes.

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  1. fiveleggedrat
    Always so envious of reports. Swim is poor & has access to nothing.

    Good report! Thanks for sharing.
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