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By PingoTango · Aug 1, 2008 · ·
  1. PingoTango
    Not sure whether or not anyone actually reads this little blog (if so, comment!), but heres a trip report I posted in the LSA forum that, forsome reason, got no replies, but I think deserves a second airing. Let me know what you think, if you read this!

    SWIM took 8 HBW seeds, bought from a reputable online source, at about 11pm that night, at a friend's house - crushed up, mixed with orange juice and drunk (with some spooning down of nasty tasting pulp, which had sedimented on the bottom of the glass, due to seeds not being properly ground up), this of course after scraping and flaming off the nasty outer coating. SWIM was in the company of a couple of good friends, who had both taken the same as him. Almost immediately after eating the seeds, one of SWIMS friends was hit hard by the nausea and spent the rest of session being sick, draped over the toilet like a deflated blow up doll. The the two remaining adventurers chilled out, smoked some good quality weed and watched a dusty old Bill Hicks video whilst waiting for the LSA to make its presence felt.

    After about 2 hours of waiting, smoking and talking, none of the subjects had noted any effects other than mild nausea and slightly elevated mood, and with all three feeling quite tired, stoned and with SWIM's nauseous friend now curled up in bed feeling very ill, SWIM decided to head off back to his place to sit out the rest of the (thus far) lackluster experience.

    No sooner had SWIM heard his friend's door clunk shut behind him, he began to notice some slightly obvious visual twitches and felt a very LSD-like body load beginning to build, and, conveniently, he had found himself in the middle of an unexpected snow storm. He headed home, enjoying the 20-minute walk through a psychedelically enhanced winter wonderland, after doing which he made the above post (using my user account, for some reason. I must have left myself logged in...)

    SWIM notes that the effects continued to build after this point, and he spent the rest of the evening, until about 5:30am, lying on his bed with his eyes closed, listening to Future Sound of London, enjoying an eyes-closed visual fireworks display, and reflecting deeply on such subjects as the origins and evolution of life on Earth, the place of humans in the universe, and mankind's unbridled and disrespectful destruction of the lushly forested rock on which it unexpectedly found itself - he learned much about himself and gained many valuable insights during this time. Sleep came soon after the effects had trailed off, and he awoke the next day feeling refreshed, and noted a general lifting of mood for the next couple of days, along with occasional mild visual disturbances (breathing walls etc).

    All in all, an unexpected, but deeply enjoyable and gratifying experience. SWIM is now very interested in LSA, particularly as a chemical for tripping alone - he says it seems to offer many of the insights and complex emotions experienced during an acid trip, but on a much more manageable level. Next time, though, he will buy himself some ginger root to stave off the nausea.

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  1. Metomni
    Sounds amazing. SWIM's experience with LSA was with morning glory seeds. It was fun, but pretty lackluster, if SWIM had gotten the introspection SWIY describes, that would have been incredible.

    The walk through the snow would have been amazing, things like that are just jaw dropping. SWIM and his penguins were sitting on a roof one night while on 2C-I and the sky was rolling in from the other direction really fast and there were patches of clouds. They were all moving past the moon and you would have complete darkness and then they'd leave and the moon would be so bright. It was pretty crazy, so SWIM can only imagine what a trek through the dark snow would be like. :p
  2. welshmick
    I like snow - and penguins :)
  3. Bajeda
    My panda finds that he doesn't get much (if anything) in the way of visuals from hawaiian baby woodrose seeds, but he generally obtains noticeable euphoria and a very introspective / analytical mindset. The trip is good for thinking, better than LSD he finds. The mental effects alone are worth it for him, but if you want visuals morning glories or synthetic psychedelics may be a better way to go.
  4. Bajeda
    btw Metomni, I like your (new?) avatar.
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