Troops raid Afghan heroin stash

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    Hundreds of British and Afghan troops have seized heroin and drug-making chemicals in Afghanistan with a multi-million pound street value.
    Defence Secretary John Hutton praised the troops' bravery and said the seizures in Helmand province would starve the Taleban of funding.
    The raids on four drug factories, involving 700 troops, would also stop the drugs reaching UK streets, he said.
    Mr Hutton said there was now more "security and governance" in Helmand.
    News of the raids came as the BBC obtained e-mails from a UK official working in Helmand estimating that 60% of Afghan police in the province use drugs.
    'Starve Taleban funding'
    Operation Diesel, which took place between 6 February and 11 February, also disrupted facilities making improvised bombs.
    Mr Hutton said: "Our dedicated and professional forces have once again taken the fight to the enemy.
    "Their bravery, coupled with the size and sophistication of our firepower, has cleared the enemy from large areas of Helmand bringing security and governance to more of the province. o.gif

    "The seizure of £50m worth of narcotics will starve the Taleban of crucial funding, preventing the proliferation of drugs and terror on the UK's streets."
    Troops destroyed 1,295kg of wet opium, estimated to have a street value of more than £6m as heroin.
    Also found were chemicals used in the manufacture of heroin - ammonium chloride, acetic anhydride, sodium chloride and calcium hydroxide - in sufficient quantities for the production of drugs with an estimated street value of more than £50m.
    The Serious Organised Crime Agency (Soca) website estimates 25 to 35 tonnes of heroin enters the UK each year, it adds that in 2007, a gram of heroin sold for between £40 and £50.
    A yearly import of 30 tonnes of heroine, multiplied by £45 per gram, would have a total street value of £1.35bn.
    'Well proven'
    Soca said 90% of the UK's heroin is derived from Afghanistan.
    Troops also seized weapons and ammunition, including rifles, machine guns, three rocket launchers with additional warheads, and a motorbike modified for use in a suicide attack.
    The commander of Task Force Helmand, Brig Gordon Messenger of the Royal Marines, said: "The links between the Taleban and the drugs trade are well proven and we know that the revenue from narcotics production directly funds the insurgency.
    "Operation Diesel was a clinical precision strike, supported by strong intelligence, which has had a powerful disruptive effect on known insurgent and narcotics networks in the area.
    "The success of the operation is a significant boost to the Afghan authorities in their fight against the drugs trade." Operation Diesel involved Afghan Security Forces and British troops from 45 Commando Royal Marines, 42 Commando Group Royal Marines, 3 Commando Brigade's Reconnaissance Force, 1st Battalion The Princess of Wales Royal Regiment and the Armoured Support Group.

    By BBC News, 18th February 2009
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  1. Sven99
    1.3 tons of wet opium is not a particularly large bust - that would make 130 kilos of heroin - street value £9 million. value to the Taliban: £130,000 maximum. They're cooking the books.
  2. honourableone
    It's odd that the real figure (I trust what you say over the article) is lower than the one given in the media article. It's usually the other way round in exageration. Calling seizure of useful chemicals "seizure of narcotics" is ridiculous, but if they did have enough to produce £50m worth of heroin (possibly untrue), they were certainly long term operations, that could over time have made a lot.
  3. Sven99
    they could have made £50million's worth with the chemicals - if they had another 10 tons of opium. The chemicals themselves are dirt cheap in comparison to the value of the opium used, or the finished product.
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