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Trumansburg teen sentenced in fake cocaine case

  1. Terrapinzflyer
    Trumansburg teen sentenced in fake cocaine case

    ITHACA -- While a Trumansburg teenager has been sentenced for an assault and robbery involving a sale of fake crack cocaine, the cases of three others charged in connection with the incident are going forward.

    On Tuesday, Tompkins County Judge William F. Ames granted youthful offender status to Joseph White, 18, of Trumansburg and sentenced him to five years probation and the four months he's already served in jail. White and Pierce, 23, of Bradford, Pa. pleaded guilty to third-degree robbery, a Class D felony, and Pierce is scheduled to sentenced on Friday.

    Leland Baker, also of Bradford, is charged with two counts of second-degree robbery, a Class C felony, and attempted second-degree assault, a Class E felony, in connection with the incident. His case is pending in county court while Karrie Baker, Leland's former stepmother, is facing a reduced charge of misdemeanor sixth-degree conspiracy in Ulysses Town Court.

    On Feb. 13, White sold the assault victim and his girlfriend what they thought was a piece of crack cocaine for $100 in the Aubles Trailer Park residence that he shared with Karrie Baker, court papers and Trumansburg police said. When the victim discovered he had actually bought a piece of a deodorant soap bar, Leland Baker, White and Pierce hit him, kicked him, robbed him of about $800, stole his cell phone and threw him out of the trailer, police said.




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