Trying to explain Trump's victory as 'racism' is why he won in the first place.

By Joe-(5-HTP) · Nov 11, 2016 ·
  1. Joe-(5-HTP)
    Trump clearly has many disgusting qualities. However I don't believe people voted for him because of them.

    The reason he did so well is two reasons:

    1- the so called 'democratic firewall' of states Clinton supposedly should have won were all states where there was a lot of industry jobs which moved abroad. Trumps message on trade against nafta and TPP hit home there.

    2- Clinton failed to get the amount of votes from minorities that Obama did. She got 6 million votes less than obama did in 2012 overall. She simply failed. This was less of an endorsement of trump by white people than a failure of Clinton to get the minority turnout that Obama did.

    States which previously went blue for Obama went red for Trump. Trump won 1% less of the white vote than Romney did. How can any of this be explained by racism and sexism?

    You also have to realise that Clinton was not a good candidate at all.

    Finally - if there's anything you should try to realise above all - it's that the concerns of working people has been forgotten by the political system. The attempt to brush this aside as 'meaningless racism and sexism' is why Trump won. Trying to do so again now is simply perpetuating the mistake that made Trump win in the first place.

    Trump said many bizzare and stupid things. But his message was clear -

    stop jobs going oversees, stop pointless wars, control the boarder stopping illegal immigrants, deal with the corrupting influence of money in politics, fight political correctness.

    This is why trump won. Those things right there. Racism? Sexism? That's not why he won. He won running on real issues - some of which are even left-wing issues. But what has the media focused on? What have you focused on? His personality, of course. So it's no surprise you think his victory now is all about people voting for his personality defects. The criticism of Trump this election has failed to strike at his true heart. The truth is, people didn't vote for trump because they liked what the media said about him being a racist. No one gives a shit about the mainstream media anymore. Politically correct hysteria has reached fever pitch. And thereby, you've been led into a smoke-screen of your own making. I'm not surprised you're surprised when the smoke clears and it's President Trump. Will you continue to double down on the mistakes that led you there? That seems to be the important question moving forward.

    If you think people are wrong for believing Trump will enact any of the policies he promised - you have missed my point.

    The disregarding of the genuine concerns of working people as meaningless racism is why Trump won. It's why Brexit won too. As long as you continue making this mistake, you will continue to lose politically. That's just a fact which needs to detonate in your mind right now. You have to engage these concerns and issues, or you will continue freely giving their political currency to your political enemies, as you have just done.

    But can you give up your addiction to the sanctimony that comes with labeling people as racists and sexists?

    Unfortunately I see little evidence of that.

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