Trying to get myself together before i break down for good.

By Hideyourlies · Aug 25, 2016 · ·
  1. Hideyourlies
    I want to be smarter than i am, eat better than i do, be a better boyfriend, brother and son to the people i love. I want to be in better shape and i want to have less addictions. I want to be more organized and i want to be able to manage my momey better than i do. I want to know what i want to do with my future and i want to know that im not going to end up an old grumpy man with nothing left.
    Where can i even start on bettering myself? Every task seems 1000% harder than it should be and i feel like its impossible to better myself when ive already turned myself into a monster.

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  1. SkankyScatterRat22
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  1. Once.up.on.a.time
    Oh sweetheart by even writing this you have shown you have th capacity to be anything and everything you want to be.

    And your certainly not a monster xxxx:vibes:
  2. mastermind22
    I feel you man. I'm just starting to care about my life and pull my shit together after years of abuse of every type of drug w/ opiates being the thing that fucked me the most. Just barely graduated high school. Starting to look at jobs and keeping busy. I know what you mean about feeling like a monster. I spent years not caring about people, life, the world. I'm taking my first steps. Good luck to you man. No matter how afraid I am of moving forward, the difficulty of even simple tasks, going out into the world - it's better than going back to where I came from. One thing at a time, looking into exercising, eating healthy, getting a job.
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