Tryptos thought process about drugs and life and future goals (:

By Tryptomaniac · Nov 16, 2015 · ·
  1. Tryptomaniac
    I usually post large comments on the "what is your thought today" thread because I have a bazillion thoughts a day but I realize that I'm just talking to myself most of the time lol which I like to do! But I want to stop clogging the thread so anyone who is interested I will be updating this pretty regularly to just get my thoughts out there and if any of you have any comments id love to hear your thoughts of my thoughts!!!

    I am currently thinking about ethnobotanicals in particular these three: Kratom,kanna,kava, the GOOD KKK, lol I've tried kava several times and I find it very relaxing and I've used Kratom well over 100 times I'm very experienced with it and it is my DOC, I haven't yet tried kanna yet though I am very interested.
    I've also been really getting interested into extracts of Kratom and kava I'm going to order some instant kava mix and some Kratom resin, I was wondering if mixing all 3 together in one drink would produce any profound effects. But we shall see soon :)

    One goal I've always had was to have my own psychoactive garden, or green house I just think it would be the perfect dream, I don't think I will ever et over my fantasy of drugs but if I can stop using other drugs and only use natural drugs I would feel better about myself.

    I'm watching Christmas movies right now and I am not happy about it lol I'm going to switch to American pie, my mind is racing with thoughts but I'm going to stop for today. Goodnight all!

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  1. Tinkerblah
    I understand the desire to have a psychoactive garden. I wish I could even begin to think about using only natural drugs but I've been using prescription drugs for a bunch of diagnoses for over 30 years.
    My thoughts at the moment surround wondering if I can run a 5 hour training session tomorrow since I'm so efffed up. Sorry, your blog and here I go. Really what I wanted to type is that I have billions of thoughts a day so you are not alone. I'm looking for something to tone them down...
  2. Tryptomaniac
    :thumbsup: haha it's all good idk when you posted this I haven't checked my blog in awhile be every time I make a post on the other thread I always think I should be posting not here cuz I say to much on the other thread but yes my head is overwhelmed with thoughts as well haha and I understand with the prescription thing cuz when you're soo used to it then you don't want to stop but I think if I could have like 8-10 reply potent natura drugs then I could see quitting the other shit.
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