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Tuesday morning high

By redblurb · Sep 30, 2008 · ·
  1. redblurb
    swim has spent the last six hours trying to inject a syringe full of white mixed with water, no filter whilst trying to get her visiting grandparents to leave without them getting suspicious...had to spend hrs in bathroom cus someone got 'the runs' or more truthfully, the tracks...swim has red hair and knows from many hospital visits that red heads are difficult to iv, even for an expert! Will have to come down and not iv again, the rush is too much ans swim keeps chasing it. swim's rx'd morphine and valium help with the crash though - too bad her boyfriend only doles it out a dose at a time and keeps the rest locked up in a safe - smart fella... i guess that's what happens when you live with an addict.


  1. old hippie 56
    At least swim has a responsible boyfriend. If it is that difficult to hit, swim might want to find a new hobby.
  2. redblurb
    I believe you are right, old hippie...
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