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Turkish police seize 112kg of heroin in Istanbul

  1. Terrapinzflyer
    Turkish police seize 112 kg of heroin in Istanbul

    ANKARA, Sept. 13 (Xinhua) -- Turkish police seized 112 kg of heroin in an anti-drug operation in its largest city of Istanbul on Sunday, the semi-official Anatolia news agency reported.

    Acting on a tip-off, police raided a warehouse and a residential house in the Buyukcekmece district and detained six people in connection with the drug.

    Turkey is a key transit route for smuggling drugs from Asia and the Middle East to markets in Western Europe.

    In 2008, Turkish security forces waged a total of 15,000 operations against drugs, confiscating more than 15 tons of heroin,39 tons of hashish and 1.4 million ecstasy pills and arresting 32,000 suspects, according to the agency.

    www.chinaview.cn 2009-09-13 20:54:29



  1. Nnizzle
    DAMN 112 kilos? That has to be one of the biggest I've ever read about.
  2. kasbeq
    A “funny” incident happened in Kosovo about a month ago when 46 killos of pure heroin was stolen from…… a f…. Police Evidence Room.
    And this apparently was not a high-tech robbery as seen on movies but rather a clim through emergency staircase to the room where evidence was kept


    A graffiti sign written “ Yoooo Coppers – How much for a kilo ? “outside the police headquarters resulted in some basketball supporters being arrested
  3. chinpokomaster
    The guy they found it on must've had some tolerance.
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