Turning In Parents Takes 'guts'

By Alfa · Feb 16, 2006 · ·
  1. Alfa
    Source: Kentucky Post (KY)
    It's a rare act of courage when children turn their drug-using parents in to police, says an expert on children from troubled homes.
    "It takes a lot of guts because a child really doesn't know what is going to happen," said Connie Freking, youth service department director for the Brighton Center, a multi-program social service agency headquartered in Newport.
    "It also takes a lot of love. I don't think a child's first thought is that the parents may go to jail. The first thought is, 'They need help. We need help. I need help.' In the long run, they're looking out for their family's best interest."
    She said in her 10 years at Brighton Center, she could recall only four or five cases of children taking such an extreme step.
    The latest was Friday in Boone County. A 16-year-old boy told his high school resource police officer about his parents' home-based marijuana growing operation, and Boone County Sheriff's Department deputies arrested his parents at their Hebron home.
    John Williams, 51, and Jennifer Williams, 36, were charged with cultivating marijuana, possession of cocaine and possession of drug paraphernalia. Deputies also seized a cache of weapons from the home.
    Sheriff's department spokesman Deputy Tom Scheben said he didn't know what motivated the 16-year-old to turn in his parents.
    "We could say he was mad at his mom and dad or we could say he didn't want his 10-year-old brother to live in that environment," he said.
    Scheben agreed the case was unusual. "When I was 16, I wouldn't have thought about going against my mom and dad," he said. "The reason is because I respected them both. Of course, you love and respect them because they weren't dealing dope."
    Freking, speaking in general terms about drug-using parents and not about the Boone County case, said children today are more aware of drug issues than previous generations were.
    "Nowadays, kids get a lot of information on what could happen to their family because of drugs," she said. "These kids are very resilient. They have a lot of things going for themselves, and they don't want to see it all go down the tubes.
    "It takes courage to reach out for what we need and say enough is enough. It takes a lot for a kid to get to that point. Just think how long it takes adults. It definitely takes a very resourceful child."
    Freking said when a child turns parents over to police, the welfare of the child is of paramount importance. Authorities assess the situation and, if necessary, remove the child from the home.
    "If the home is not safe, children can be put in an emergency shelter or a relative's care or in state foster care," said Freking.
    The Williamses have been released on bond. Scheben said he didn't know if their sons were with them or living elsewhere.
    A call to Northern Kentucky offices of the Kentucky Cabinet for Health and Family Services' Department of Community-Based Services was not returned.
    Freking said children's allegations of their parents using drugs are sometimes difficult to authenticate.
    "A child may say, 'My parents are using drugs,' but without evidence, it is difficult to call in the legal authorities," she said.
    Scheben said the couple's older son gave authorities detailed enough information that they were able to get a search warrant for the home.
    "We have to name particulars - what room the marijuana is growing in, what rooms have weapons - and he gave enough specific information that we got the search warrant," said Scheben.

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  1. doppey
    This is the most disgusting thing I have ever read in my life. I mean this has actually RUINED MY FUCKING DAY!!!! It makes me sick how low some do-gooders will go to "Protect" the welfare of children. Yeah, big fuckin help, how many of us have friends that went through the system as children??? Are they not more emotionally scarred than a child living in a house with a garden that happens to grow a plant deemed "wrong" by some authoritative body???
    Sorry, just had to rant as this made me FUCING SICK!!!!!
  2. Mona Lisa
    This case of children turning in their parents or threatening to do so doesn't surprise me. As I get older, I realise that people of all ages have varying opinions; so it doesn't seem that strange to me for children to rebel against their parents by, in this case, having more conservative values than them. It typically goes the other way around with the parents being more conservative than their child because it's more usual for children to be more liberal and idealistic when young, with conservatism creeping in as they grow up and have children of their own. But it does go both ways too. I've even heard of boyfriends or girlfriends threatening turn their lover in over drugs, especially if they're dead against them or feel threatened in any way.
  3. Pinkavvy
    WTF? NaziYouth propganda. Doesn't the 5th amendment mean anything anymore?
  4. Daeron
    lol one bad way to get even with your parents cos they didnt let you grow your own.

    the kid is a full grown thug

  5. ToastToMisery
    And weed isn't that bad, maybe if tey were meth freaks but pot and a little coke. The kid probably was angry at them for grounded him or something. The thing is marijuana and coke arent that bad they just happen to be illegal, the kid is going to grow with the idea that he should think for himself not just what the others[the government] say. Personally i think it is a good thing. Also that would be so cool to go out with Ma and Pa and have a joint
  6. GDxCAT
    horrible thing.
    the parents were doing a service to the community and now that little brat went and got their operation shut down.
    fuck the system!!!!
  7. Aaron
    Without knowing the specifics I really couldn't say if it was right or wrong to go to the authorities. When you have children you have a responsibility to look out for their best interests, running a drug operation out of the same house they live in is not doing so. I don't believe the parents should be put in jail, but perhaps they should not be raising kids either.

    Like I said, the details are what matters here. If the parents are casual responsible users that is one thing, but if they aren't keeping a safe environment for children, that is something else.
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