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TV presenter Ben Fogle claims drink was spiked with drug

  1. Phenoxide
    Television presenter Ben Fogle has spoken of his anger after someone spiked his drink in a pub with an unknown drug.

    He says it happened last Friday while he and his family were seeing friends.

    The adventurer says he was putting his children to bed after drinking at a pub in Gloucestershire when he "flipped".

    He tweeted: "Whoever spiked my drink with mind altering drugs and put me in A&E with a psychotic fit. Did you think of the damage you would cause?"

    Ben Fogle, 39, says he tried to jump out of a window and had to be restrained by his wife.

    "I was ranting, marching up and down, hitting walls, trying to jump out of windows," he added.
    'Out of body experience'

    The Countryfile presenter first became famous on the BBC reality show Castaway in 2000. He has since travelled to many countries presenting programmes including a documentary on Princes William and Harry on their first joint royal tour in Africa in 2010.

    He says he has never taken recreational drugs and felt like he was having an "out of body experience".

    Ben Fogle's wife Marina and the couple's friends say they managed to lock him in a room while they waited for an ambulance to arrive. He was then taken to hospital, sedated and kept in overnight.

    The presenter has described how he spent days afterwards worrying that he was "going crazy". He says test results have since come back showing that there was no neurological cause and that doctors believe the incident was due to LSD or a similar drug.

    The dad of two has completed many sporting challenges including the Atlantic Rowing Race in 2006.

    He had to delay a five-week trip to the Middle East to film his latest BBC show because of what happened.

    Gloucestershire Police have confirmed a report of a drink being spiked in Stow on the Wold on Friday 15 February.

    In a statement they said they "have attempted to contact the man to gather further details".

    BBC Radio 1 Newsbeat
    20th February 2013


  1. Isodimorphism
    I must admit that I found this story to be absolutely hilarious when I heard it.

    I wouldn't be surprised if his drink hadn't been spiked at all, but if it was, I wonder whether it was a heavy dose of a dissociative rather than a psychedelic? It's not exactly my area of expertise, but that sounds more like a stereotypical dissociative trip than something psychedelic.

    LSD seems very unlikely purely because of the cost of putting that much real acid in someone else's drink. If it was a psychedelic, my money would be on a much cheaper RC that the media will no doubt declare to be a "new, stronger variant of LSD".
  2. highganja99
    25i-nbome would be interesting as a spike, poor person that hits that unexpectedly may not have such a good time especially if dosage was sloppy.
  3. hookedonhelping
    Seeing that the oral dose would be hard to gauge due to the bio-availabilty oral consumptions lends itself to, it would be very dangerous to be spiked in this manner. The person perpetrating this evil action could easily be facing murder charges for doing something so morally inept.

    I am pretty sure this an attempted murder charge here in the states if the victim survives.
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