Two 15-year-old boys arrested after drug factory discovery (Ireland)

By D.U.M.B · Jan 29, 2007 · ·
  1. D.U.M.B
    Well, SWIM would like to know first of all how the hell someone their ages got the money to do this and why the hell would they in the first place. Just more proof that theres no such thing as innocence in this world

    Taken from RTE News -

    " Two 15-year-old boys were arrested after gardaí in Clondalkin discovered a cocaine mixing factory and a kilo of the drug worth around €70,000.

    The boys were arrested at around 7.30pm last night and taken to Clondalkin Garda Station for questioning.

    They were caught with €15,000 worth of the drug, bagged and ready for sale on the street.

    In a follow up search at the Newlands Manor Estate in Clondalkin, a further €55,000 worth of cocaine was found along with mixing paraphernalia.

    The two boys were questioned overnight and have now been released into the custody of their parents.

    A file on the case is to be sent to the DPP. "

    I wonder if they'll get grounded?

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  1. Alicia


    Yeh im pretty sure there are lots of early nights in the coming weeks, no supper either for a month and family cinema trip will probley be cancelled too. there so naughty.
  2. dreamatrix
    smart thinking i would say ,i dont know what the law is overthere but overhere they dont throw 15 yo in jail hehe,,there was a time in england i think they had little 'kid robbers' too ,... little kids instructed by their parents to steal on the streets , they would always get released becasue you cant imprison a child ,, my guess is they were caught but working for someone else,, i dont think a15 yo has the whits to set up a cocaine distribution like this,, i mean cocaine trade is big buisness , i cant imagine them doing deals with crooks and not being ripped off
  3. D.U.M.B
    If a 15 year old offered SWIM some cocaine to buy, I think he's jaw would hit the floor so fast it would be broken and he would hurt his ribs too from rolling around so much on the floor laughing my ass off
  4. zera
    Swims local innercity drug house typically has ranging in ages from 13-18 who sling a variety of drugs, including powdered cocaine and crack. That's pretty typical for urban street level drug dealers.
  5. iloveravesomuch
    this doesnt suprise me at all. it is ireland, every young person in this country is doin drugs or sellin them. the next time it will probably be twelve year old "entrepreneurs" who get stung.
  6. Riconoen {UGC}
    swim knew 15 year old meth dealers who got it from thier gang and made a pretty penny off of it. young drug dealers are a pretty common occerance.
  7. Trebor
    PLease, this isn't news. Swim's dealer has been dealing since he was 13. Paid his way through college.
  8. CRUNK
    Swim can't take someone someone that young seriously. Most teenagers he knows trying to sell drugs are the ones that rip people off the worst.
  9. Slickinfinity
    I remember when SWIM called a guy for some pot and went to meet him after I was refered by a SWIAF and when SWIM got there SWIM met a person that looked no older than 13-14 and SWIM laughed his ass off because not only that he was practicly a dwarf! I think SWIM got refered to some drug dealing elf or somthing but all in all it was some pretty good stuff and SWIM ended up grabbin a few times til SWIM found even better elsewhere. Still one of SWIMS funniest drug related memories lol. SWIM also sold joints from weed SWIM pinched from SWIMS parents stash:smoking: as early as grade 7 and SWIM even had his first acid trip in grade 8 lol! Young minds can be cleaver and very ambitious to so I dont think age really matter if you have the aquired street smarts.
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