Two arrested for conspiring to aid and abet the production of cannabis.

By chemlove · Jan 10, 2008 · Updated Jan 13, 2008 · ·
  1. chemlove
    Two men were jailed today for supplying equipment to help people grow cannabis.

    Judge David Price said the pairs Derby firm was clearly intended 'to enable customers to produce the drug'.

    He imposed a three-year jail term on Paul Fenwick, 45, of Leicestershire, part owner of Hydroponics Wholesale, on Derby Trading Estate, Stores Road.

    And a 21-month sentence was imposed on his business partner, David Kenning, 36, of Wymeswold, near Loughborough.

    The judge said the business was set up in 2003 by Fenwick, who called in Kenning because of his expertise in the import of goods.

    Sitting at Nottingham Crown Court, the judge granted a warrant for the arrest of their employee in the business, Paul Blackshaw, 32, of Barley Close, Little Eaton. He failed to answer his bail.

    In November the three were found guilty after a trial at Derby Crown Court of conspiring to aid and abet the production of cannabis.

    David Matthew, for Kenning, has lodged an appeal and told the judge that his client thought the business was legal.


    My opinion is that this is crazy. They didn't grow or handle the illegal drug and were arrested just for giving someone equipment that could as easily be used for all kinds of legal growing. Its not like they handed out seeds or any other thing that would indicate they knew what was going on. Though i am not ignorant they probably did know, but our legal system is standardized on the idea your innocent until proven guilty, and i don't see what you could possibly prove someone guilty of just because they gave out some equipment.

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  1. umbra1010
    Re: pair arrested for supplying

    When will the pointless and ineffective war on drugs come to an end?
  2. fnord
    Re: pair arrested for supplying

    after billions more people suffer enough for them to realize how silly this is,even then its doubtful.
  3. aerozeppelin123
    Re: pair arrested for supplying

    Blech, I just can't stand reading things like this...makes me so angry to think that people like this, who were supplying EQUIPMENT that COULD be used to manufacture drugs, are sitting in a prison cell while all the breweries and tobacco companies, who are mass-producing and distributing two drugs which kill tens of thousands of people each year are free to go about their merry little way...makes me sick
  4. Alfa
    Re: pair arrested for supplying

    Please edit your thread title, so that it is descriptive. This scrolls on the home page, so should be understandable and descriptive.
  5. ThomasRM
    Re: pair arrested for supplying

    I guess everyone that sells silverware and knives in stores should be arrested too, someone might intend to stab a person with a knife or fork.
  6. chemlove
    Re: pair arrested for supplying

    Thread Title Changed.
  7. dr ACE
    god dam Jesus freak/religious/fascist, prejudice egomaniacs. Sorry to get all heated but they way i see it is that all it boils down to is religious B.S spreading lies and trying so hard to cover up there own lies. The truth does and always will come out capesh. People with this kind of attitude need professional help they are running ppls lives, and they dont even realize it, so sad.
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