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  1. buseman
    The Tomah Police Department arrested two men in a drug bust on Friday.

    According to Tomah police, the department received a tip that the odor of marijuana was coming from a room at the Daybreak Motel, 215 E. Clifton St., Tomah.

    Officers responded to the complaint and identified the renter of the room as Cyrus Compton, 26, of Chicago.

    Compton and Antonio J. Powell, 32, of Burnham, Ill., were leaving the room as officers served the search warrant.

    During the search of the motel room officers recovered 188 grams of crack cocaine with an approximate street value of $18,000 and a small amount of marijuana.

    The majority of the cocaine was in three large pieces, with a total of 38 smaller pieces already packaged for sale.

    The manner in which the cocaine was packaged indicated high level drug sales, according to the police.

    Additionally, $2,222 and a 2009 Dodge Challenger were seized.

    Both Compton and Powell were booked at the Monroe County Jail, and the case was referred to the Monroe County District Attorney’s Office for charges.

    According to Tomah police, the investigation also revealed that Compton has charges for drug possession pending in La Crosse County Circuit Court.

    Tuesday, July 6, 2010


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