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  1. Basoodler

    (May 15, 2014)– Johnson County Sheriff Doug Cox tells Fox59 News that his detectives, working alongside IMPD, have arrested a 24-year-old man for allegedly supplying the drugs that killed a White River Township youth.

    Samuel Motsay (pictured above), 16, was found dead in a home in the Eagle Trace community Sunday. An autopsy confirmed he died of an overdose of a relatively new synthetic hallucinogen called NBOME.

    “Its a new drug that quite honestly I had never heard of before,” said Cox.

    A review of Motsay’s phone records sent detectives on the search for two more men, Kyle Hazzard, 24, and Jordan Adamowicz, 19, who are the suspected middlemen between Motsay and Zachary Catron. Hazzard turned himself in to Johnson County police Thursday evening.

    Adamowicz is still being sought.

    Catron was arrested at his southside home Tuesday. Police found methamphetamine, cocaine, heroin, Xanax and NBOME which is similar to LSD.

    Catron, who was wearing an ankle bracelet monitoring device as the result of a previous length suspended prison sentence for another crime, was also found in possession of several guns. He’s currently out on bond on a pending Johnson County drug case.

    An analysis by the Indiana State Police laboratory confirms the drugs recovered from the Center Grove area home where Notsay died is identical to narcotics discovered in Catron’s home.

    “That evening we had three young men that ingested the drug,” said Cox. “One passed away to what we believed to have been consuming NBOME. Out of the three, it affected one differently than the other two and he’s no longer living.”

    Motsay’s death would be the third NBOME-related fatal overdose in the metro area this spring.

    “Drugs. Drugs,” said Kim Gentry, a neighbor on South Tacoma Avenue who watched the SWAT Team and detectives raid Catron’s house. “I sit here today worried to death.

    “Kind of worried about my daughter walking the road anymore with the police searching. I been followed no knowing what’s going on. Scared me. I’ve called my dad numerous time

    worried to death.”

    Gentry and Catron’s neighborhood is a five minute walk from the South Parker Avenue home where four people were killed in a drug house massacre in late February and a five minute drive from a South State Street house where IMPD SWAT officers fatally wounded suspected drug dealer Andrew Sizemore in March.

    Gentry said Catron, Sizemore and suspects in the Parker Avenue case are all known to one another having grown up on the southside and attended school together.

    “Drugs. Drugs,” she repeated. “People selling drugs. Getting into drugs and selling them and illegally using them.

    “I’m moving out of here.”



  1. tidruid
    These research chemicals are nothing but trouble. People seem to forget that these substances are almost completely unknown in their long and short term effects and interactions with other substances. It is like playing Russian roulette when you use them.
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