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  1. Terrapinzflyer
    Two Charged As Major Traffickers Of Ketamine

    SUFFOLK COUNTY—Two Suffolk County men have been charged as major traffickers in Ketamine, an animal tranquilizer.

    James V. Parrino, 33, of Holbrook and John T. DiPaola, 36, of Ronkonkoma, are charged with operating as a major trafficker, a new state statute signed into law last year. Parrino and Dipaola are the first defendants in Suffolk County to be charged under the “Drug Kingpin” statute which is a class A-1 felony.

    “The 18-month investigation by this office, the DEA Task Force and the Suffolk County Police Department established this ring bought and sold multiple kilos of powdered Ketamine that they repackaged and relabeled for individual sale in Suffolk County and elsewhere,” Suffolk district attorney Thomas Spota said.

    The district attorney said trafficking in Ketamine proved to be extremely lucrative for the participants who are alleged to have sold multiple kilos of Ketamine purchased from a source in China. “Evidence gathered during the investigation established the ringleaders purchased one kilo of powdered Ketamine for $4,000 and, after mixing it with water, sold it for $40 per five milliliter bottle at an enormous profit. If you do the math, for each $4,000 kilo of powder, Parrino and ring members earned $400,000 on the street,” Spota said.

    Except for licensed veterinarians, the use and possession of Ketamine, a Schedule Three controlled substance, is illegal in New York State. According to the National Drug Intelligence Center, Ketamine is snorted, injected or mixed in a liquid and consumed “for its hallucinogenic properties”. “Very often its criminal use, as it was in this case, is as a club drug, but it is also abused by weightlifters who believe it aids in their muscle recovery after strenuous exercise,” said Spota.

    Arrested and charged with second degree conspiracy for their roles in the Ketamine distribution network are 33-year-old Dino Allocati of Queens and Joseph Schiliro, 30, of East Meadow.

    Carl Vricella, 39, of Ronkonkoma is charged with criminal diversion of a prescription third degree and seventh degree criminal possession of cocaine, the latter seized during the execution of a search warrant at his Lakewood Ave. home.

    Melissa Dipaola, 26, of Ronkonkoma, the sister of codefendant John Dipaola, is charged with seventh degree criminal possession of cocaine seized by detectives during the execution of a search warrant at her Pine Avenue home.

    Damien Novello, 32, of Bayshore, is charged with criminal possession of a weapon; a loaded .22 Beretta handgun, and seventh degree criminal possession of a controlled substance for a bottle of Ketamine detectives found in his hooded sweatshirt during the execution of a search warrant at Novello’s residence on West Bayshore Road. 1-26-10

    Posted on Tuesday, 26 of January , 2010


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