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two Dutchmen and two Belgians arrested, suspected kingpins

  1. beentheredonethatagain
    Drug suspects arrested in Thailand
    22 October 2007

    BANGKOK (AFP) - Two Dutchmen and two Belgians alleged to be part of a global drug trafficking gang have been arrested on Thailand's resort island of Samui, police said Friday.

    Ronald K., 46, and Paulus M., 44, from the Netherlands, and Koen Van S., 30 and Kelly C., 25, from Belgium, were nabbed at a house Thursday on the island, some 670 kilometres south of Bangkok.

    "They are on the wanted list in Belgium for smuggling drugs," said police lieutenant colonel Watcharin Tangsuwarn, adding the four would soon be deported to Belgium.

    A Belgian court has issued arrest warrants for the four relating to alleged smuggling of 125 kilograms of heroin and 200 kilograms of cocaine from Latin America to Belgium in November 2006.

    The court issued arrest warrants for six people but one person of unknown nationality has returned to Belgium and another Belgian man is in a coma in a Thai hospital following a traffic accident, according to police.


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