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Two men arrested, $2.4 million tablets seized

By buseman, Apr 22, 2010 | Updated: Apr 22, 2010 | | |
  1. buseman
    Two men will face court today after almost 100,000 tablets with an estimated potential street value of $2.4 million were seized in western Sydney overnight.

    Drug Squad detectives attached to Strike Force Shanke, investigating the supply of prohibited drugs executed search warrants at houses in Fantail Crescent and Pelican Street at Erskine Park yesterday afternoon.

    Police will allege they found almost 23 kilograms of methylamphetamine tablets. Detectives also located three pill presses and 19 other pieces of equipment allegedly used in the manufacture of prohibited drugs.

    The estimated potential street value of the 96,000 pills is $2.4 million.

    During the search warrant at Fantail Crescent, police found two explosive devices. Police from the Rescue and Bomb Disposal Squad were called toremove those items.

    Two Erskine Park men, aged 29 and 24, have been charged with supply greater than large commercial quantity of prohibited drug.

    They were refused bail and will appear in Penrith Local Court later today.


    Wednesday, 21 Apr 2010 11:03am


  1. NudieLova
    Goddamit!They're seriously trying to cut supply & at the rate they're going they may just succeed and drive cost up....BuzzKill!!
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