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Two men suffer severe burns in clandestine laboratory

  1. buseman
    POLICE are reminding members of the public about the dangers involved in the illegal manufacture of prohibited drugs after a fire at a clandestine laboratory in Kemps Creek overnight.

    Just after midnight police from Green Valley Local Area Command and the NSW Fire Brigades responded to reports of a large explosion and fire in a shed at the rear of a property on Western Road.

    Two men, aged 23 and 31, were found at the premises suffering serious burns.

    Police rendered first aid to the pair before NSW Ambulance Paramedics arrived at the scene and both men were taken to Liverpool Hospital for treatment.

    The men have since been transferred to Concord and Royal North Shore Hospitals where they remain in critical conditions with burns to the majority of their bodies.

    A woman was also taken to Liverpool Hospital suffering shock.

    NSW Fire Brigades extinguished the fire however the shed and a number of vehicles were destroyed as a result of the blaze.

    A crime scene was established at the premises with early investigations suggesting the shed was being used as a clandestine laboratory at the time of the blaze.

    Examinations of the scene are continuing and local detectives are being assisted by officers from the State Crime Command’s Chemical Operations Unit and NSW Fire Brigades HAZMAT officers.

    Green Valley Local Area Commander, Superintendent Mark Szalajko, warned that people should be aware of the dangers of manufacturing and using illegal drugs as well as the threat to the safety of nearby residents.

    “These drugs are made in backyard labs using highly volatile and dangerous chemicals and this morning’s fire is an example of what can go wrong,” said Superintendent Szalajko.

    Police are also reminding members of the public to be on the look out for the tell tale signs of a clandestine laboratory in their area;

    These are:
    · Unusual odours coming from a premises
    · Unusual types or quantity of rubbish from a premises
    · Frequency of visitors attending a premises at unusual times
    · Visitors attending a property carrying large containers or unusual types or quantities of items.

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    October 14, 2010


  1. buseman
    Man dead after shed fire

    A man has died in hospital after an explosion at a shed in Kemps Creek on Thursday night.

    Police from Green Valley Local Area Command and the NSW Fire Brigade responded to reports of a large blaze in a shed at the rear of a house in Western Road, just after midnight.

    They found two men, believed to be aged in their late 20s, suffering serious burns.

    The injured men were then taken to Liverpool Hospital for emergency treatment.

    The 23-year-old was later transfered to Concord Hospial for further treatment, but police say he died as a result of the injuries he sustained on Friday.

    A woman was also taken to Liverpool Hospital to be treated for shock.

    Firefighters extinguished the flames, but not before the shed and several vehicles were destroyed.

    Local detectives and specialist forensics officers will examine the scene in a bid to determine the cause of the fire.

    Officers will now prepare a report for the coroner.

    14 Oct, 2010
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