Two-meter long jungle snake addicted to meth after being cooped up inside a drug lab

By Delia · Apr 11, 2017 · ·
  1. Delia
    [​IMG]A two-metre python seized by police on a raid of a methamphetamine lab, was so addicted to drugs it had to be checked into a prison rehabilitation facility.

    The giant snake instantly caught the attention of police when it snapped at officers and later acted aggressively towards animal handlers during the raid in mid-2016.

    Wildlife experts soon realised that while cooped up inside the drug den the python had been exposed to methamphetamine particles and had in fact become addicted to 'ice'.

    [​IMG]Just like treatment for a drug-addicted human, the serpent was checked into the Corrective Services NSW Wildlife Care Centre at Windsor, south of Sydney.

    And according to wildlife authorities, the affect of the drugs on the serpent was clear to see when it was handed over.

    'He was totally on edge, jittery, slithering and wanting to strike,' snake handler Ian Mitchell told the Daily Telegraph.

    'Normally these pythons can be a little bit snappy, they are constrictors and not poisonous, and they just lie around.

    [​IMG]Wildlife experts soon realised that while couped up inside the drug den the python had been exposed to methamphetamine particles and had in fact become addicted to 'ice'

    'This one was very aggressive and had very erratic behaviour.'

    Once inside the 'python prison', it took the snake close to a month to get the drug out of its system, and only seven months later was back to normal.

    The snake was cared for by rehabilitating criminals in the John Maroney Correctional Centre, located alongside the Wildlife Centre.

    According to Corrective Services, snakes are the pet of choice for drug dealers and bikies, who use their tanks to store drugs and weapons.

    [​IMG]A number of snakes are housed inside the 'python prison' in the Corrective Services NSW Wildlife Care Centre at Windsor, south of Sydney.

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    Written by: Josh Hanrahan, Apr 12, 2017, Python with a problem: Meet the two-meter long jungle snake addicted to METH after being cooped up i, Daily Mail Australia


  1. Delia
    I wanted to post this article to remind our gang of drug users to be careful when using around animals.
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  2. Igot5onit
    This is so silly. They put a snake in rehab? Ahahaha.

    He does look a bit iced out, though. You can tell by his eyes...
  3. Budgetadvisoryservice
    That snake is lucky to be alive. When hapless sharks come too close to surfers in Australia, the locals are known to go on murderous rampages to hunt down and kill as many of the creatures as they can find, often hunting in flotillas of boats, using shotguns and assault rifles to slaughter the creatures in a fit of wild vengeance for having their favourite surf spot invaded by those endangered native species.
    1. Delia
      This appears to have a great deal to with the article above?

      Learn to find the right places to express your opinions, l don't disagree with them but again an appropriate place is important.
    2. Igot5onit
      Wait what?

      I thought this article was about a snake that was hooked on ice. So they took him to detox. A snake detox , where he suffered over a month of withdrawals. Then they followed up with an intense 6 month in patient rehab facility.

      Currently he is 15 months clean and doing great. I actually found the follow up article. He is writing a book to tell his story.

      But anyways...Where sharks and surfers come from? Did I miss something?
  4. Diverboone
    How did I know that was a Daily Mail article, before I ever looked. They are the "Enquirer" of the Internet. The sad thing is, there's some who believe trash like this.
    1. Alfa
      The daily fail will have a hard time in the coming year when 'fake news' checking services like snopes will affect the visibility of websites in google.
  5. Wurfgurf
    This is a classic example of fake news. How the fuck do you get physically addicted to me. th? The first thing that happened to me... And my cats... when i ran out of merh, was I slept. I slept almost as if under anaesthetic. The cats would crash too, on their backs all splayed out, which I snapped many many pics of. Now look, before any of you get judgmental, which is bound to happen (and if it doesn't I might just be so happy and excited I'll have a spontaneous orgasm) please understand that I KNOW it was fucked up. This was four+ years ago. I've since gone to prison and also had serious self forgiveness issues on my conscience. I lived in a house that had two cats and I accidentally got one high as it wondered into the garage when I was recrystallizing a batch. Then I started giving shotguns... My ex has all the video footage... Real scumbag, I know, but at least it's real. Real fucking news.
  6. mkolarek
    Seems legit
  7. kumar420
    Up next: Rick James' cat speaks out about rehab and sobriety and delivers the scoop on the infamous 'fuck yo couch' incident.

    Absolutely ridiculous. Almost expected a pic of the snake hitting a spoon pipe as the thumbnail. The daily mail should have a 140 character limit, just like twitter.
  8. SeconalClerek
    Imagine getting bit by that snake then tweaking the fuck out :eek:
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