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Two more are added to the list of victims (Irish Independent)

  1. Joe Duffy
    Two more are added to the list of victims
    By Georgina O'Halloran
    Wednesday December 12 2007

    A 17-year-old died of multi-organ failure after taking a lethal level of cocaine and ecstasy, one of a number of cocaine-related inquests heard yesterday.

    Dean Freeman of Rossfield Park, Tallaght was rushed to A&E at 8am on July 1, 2006 after he collapsed following an all night party.
    State Pathologist Professor Marie Cassidy told the Dublin County Coroner's Court that Mr Freeman died of multi-organ failure due to serotonin syndrome.
    The court heard that over the course of the night of June 30, Mr Freeman had taken ecstasy tablets and cocaine while out with friends.
    Mr Freeman later collapsed in the garden of a friend's house and the emergency services were contacted.
    The court also heard that a young mother of one who was found dead in bed had also taken cocaine.
    Caitriona Coburn (28) of The Dingle, Wood Farm Acres, Palmerstown was discovered dead in her mobile home on April 3, 2007.
    A bag of cocaine, an Xtravision card and straw which tested positive for cocaine were found beside her.
    The Coroner returned verdicts of death by misadventure in both cases.


  1. Zentaurus41
    Sounds like someone was taking anti-depressants with his MDMA and coke, I am guessing a MAOI or SSRI was involved.
  2. tinytom
    sad story so young.
    could this be related to the waterford incidnet?
    cheers for the info BTW
  3. Homegrow3r
    Only in so far as they all overdid it.
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